Wealthy people who make us feel poor for a Million Dollars

Many barechested people dream of becoming million dollars rich and famous at some point in their lives. I mean what’s wrong with that? A mind-boggling idea of ​​what an unlimited amount of luck can look like is a pretty sweet deal.

These fantasies may be just ordinary people. But there are those who are waiting for us to take inspiration from what seems to be very rich. their lucky few who have gotten one way or another and their amazing lifestyle.

Today we’re going to take a closer look at how the world’s funniest people choose to spend their money. So who has crazy spending habits? Let’s find out!


Barechested FLOYD MAYWEATHER Million Dollars

You don’t earn a nickname like Floyd Money Mayweather without having some serious cash to back it up, and that’s exactly what barechested Mayweather’s got.

Throughout his undefeated boxing career. The American boxer has gained quite a reputation that allows him to charge absurd numbers to participate in a single fight. Like when he got a 300 million dollar paycheck for his fight with Connor McGregor.

Overall Mayweather has earned an unbelievable 1.1 billion dollars through his fighting career alone. And with money like that coming in, it’s no surprise that he has acquired a very expensive set of tastes. Mayweather pays his barber a thousand dollars for his haircuts. Which he gets every other day to maintain his trademark clean-shaven look.

He constantly drives around in an ever-changing array of top of the line sports cars. Sometimes even buying one for the week when he’s visiting a city on vacation. Speaking of his vacations, Money Mayweather isn’t one to be caught out and about in the same outfit twice. And that goes double for his massive collection of jewelry.

While out on trips Mayweather makes sure to pack a different designer watch for every day. Not every day of the week, just literally every day. I guess it does pay to be a winner.



The president and CEO of The Khoshbin Company. Barechested Manny Khoshbin immigrated to the US at the age of 14 and quickly got to work building a real estate empire. From his humble beginnings. He’s grown to amass a fortune of 46 million dollars and growing. Which he shows off through major purchases on his YouTube channel and Instagram accounts.

His biggest passion, outside real estate investing and motivational speaking. It is luxury cars, of which he has a massive collection with a collective value of over 30 million dollars! Among the lavish garage are the likes of three Bugatti, each worth between 500 thousand and 1.5 million dollars. Tesla Model X worth 110 thousand, several Mercedes and Porches, Lycans, and McLarens. And the creme de la creme, the unbelievable Pagani Huayra. 3 million dollars one-of-one model with a top speed of 230 miles per hour.

According to Khoshbin, the upkeep for his cars is about 441 thousand dollars a year. And that’s not including the cost of the replacement parts he occasionally has to custom order. Goes to show what you can accomplish with enough hard work and determination. Which he’ll tell you all about in one of the many motivational speaking tours that net him hundreds of thousands in profits annually.



Do you know what the most followed Instagram account in the world is? Well, it’s Instagram themselves. But right after that is Portuguese football star barechested Cristiano Ronaldo. Hailing a massive 206 million followers, or more than 20 times the size of the population of his home country.

With a crazy net worth estimated at over 460 million dollars though. It isn’t hard to see why so many would want a window into the renowned athlete’s luxurious life. Quick quiz. If you had to guess how much the jewelry on just one of Ronaldo’s hands in this picture is worth. What would you guess? Put your guess in the comments and we’ll come back to it.

In the meantime. Let’s talk about some of the crazy things Cristiano does with his absurd 64 million dollar football salary. While he can run pretty fast. He’s got a penchant for going much faster. Riding around in insane sports cars, like his Bugatti Chiron and Veyron, or his crazy million euro Mclaren Senna.

Still, those pale in comparison to the actual most expensive street-legal car on Earth. Located in Ronaldo’s garage, the Bugatti LaVoiture, an 18 million dollar supercar most people could never even dream of. But obviously, that wasn’t enough for the soccer star, after all. No matter how expensive a car is it’ll never fly.

Luckily Ronaldo copped himself a 32 million dollar private jet that he uses to get to and from his various multimillion-dollar properties in Spain. Manhattan and various other undisclosed locations. Maybe I shouldn’t have quit that soccer team my mom put me on.



Known as the King of Instagram, Barechested Dan Bilzerian is the absolute epitome of excess and indulgence. Constantly flexing in his pictures by showing off his wealth, the beautiful women he surrounds himself with. And the fantasy luxury lifestyle his fortune affords him. It’s no wonder how he’s amassed a following of over 30 million on Instagram alone.

At just 39 years old he’s got an estimated net worth of 200 million dollars. Although he’s claimed that most estimates online are very low.

Originally getting his start on the world stage through massive wins at poker tournaments. Dan’s brand of luxurious excess just keeps the money rolling in, as people all over the world fantasize about being able to live like him, thus earning him more money through their views and continuing his cycle of wealth.

No matter how crazy he might look at his million-dollar parties on yachts or in mega-mansions. Every major purchase he makes or crazy party he throws is a business investment, as he can post shots of them online and attract sponsorships and business partners, as well as advertise his many businesses to millions.

A decent technique when you consider it.


Barechested MIGOS

Hip Hop and excessive luxury are pretty much synonymous, and no group embodies that mentality better than the Migos. After all, you don’t make a hit song called Versace without being seriously obsessed with designer brands.

The trio are rumored to each have net worths between 16 and 20 million dollars. And every single peek into their lives, whether they come from music videos or Instagram posts, hints at wild lifestyles constantly decked out in extreme abundance and wealth.

The group has a serious love of luxury sports cars, designer clothes. And bombshell Instagram models, all of which are frequent inspirations for their hit songs. Any time you see the barechested Migos you can assume they each have nearly a million dollars of clothing and jewelry on at any given time. Not to mention the wild rides they pull up to their club appearance in, which they reportedly get paid over 150 thousand dollars for each.

That’s gotta be a pretty sweet deal. Getting paid the cost of a Lamborghini just to party for a single night.

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Barechested OMI IN A HELLCAT

YouTube is littered with inspiring rags to riches success stories, but none is quite so extreme as the journey of barechested Omar Carrasquillo. Also known as Omi in a Hellcat, for His passion for the Dodge was the same name.

Omar is a vlogger and entrepreneur who made his way from working as a pizza delivery driver. All the way to owning one of the most impressive car collections YouTube has ever seen. With a total estimated net worth over 50 million dollars. According to one of his vlogs. He once made 1.1 million dollars in just a week and have come from humble beginnings. He doesn’t waste any time letting that money sit before he enjoys it.

Looking at his house, you would always think there was a massive party with dozens of people in attendance going on inside from how many cars are parked in and around it. But now, those are all just the many vehicles he loves to collect.

Some gems from his collection include a 2019 Corvette, two Dodge Rams. A Camaro SS, two tricked out Jeeps, a Lamborghini Urus, and 3 different models of the Dodge Hellcat, the car he loves so much that he got his nickname from it.

Of course, he needs a tow truck to handle such a large collection, and he tricked out the coolest one possible, a bronze detailed Ford F150 Platinum with rims that look like a weapon from Mad Max.



When most people think of the UFC they typically only know one famous fighter: barechested Connor McGregor. And besides his seriously lethal skills, there’s a reason for that. The Irish fighter exudes the spirit of fighting in his everyday life, with a constant in your face aggressive attitude in everything he does. And you can bet that includes how he demonstrates his fighting victories.

Initially, Connor came from incredibly humble beginnings. However, those hard days of training paid off though, with the Irishman making a reported 47 million dollars in 2019 alone. He named his first yacht: The 188 after the number of pounds each of his welfare checks was in his early days.

That’s not the only luxury vehicle you can watch him whipping around in. With his Lamborghini Huracan retailing at a cool $200k, his BMW i8 with custom butterfly doors coming in around $150k and his classy Mercedes 500E rounding out the collection at a humble $50k.

Connor also has a penchant for fashion. Spending hundreds of thousands on tailor-made colorful suits that match his in-your-face personality very well. He even launched his fashion brand in 2018. Adding yet another income stream to the torrent of money he’s already has come in.


Barechested LIL PUMP

Imagine being a massive chart-topping celebrity before you’re even old enough to drive. Well, for barechested Lil Pump of Gucci Gang fame, that’s exactly what happened. The Florida native made a massive splash in the music scene. Earning him an estimated net worth of over 8 million dollars before his 18th birthday.

With his money, he’s famous for copping all kinds of colorful chains, grills, and rings. Including a custom pendant of his face made of yellow diamonds and white gold, and a diamond-encrusted medallion of his famous catchphrase, which has made its way into the dictionary.

For the release of a hit song of his. He had a custom 380 thousand dollar pendant bearing the name of the song made. Besides jewelry, Lil Pump splurges a bit on luxury cars, like his canary yellow Ferrari with butterfly doors. However, it seems there just aren’t enough luxurious things for the rapper to spend his money on. So when it’s burning a hole in his pocket, he just takes to throwing it out to massive crowds.

Bet you’d like to be around when something like this happens.


Barechested MR. BEAST

If you’re a fan of YouTube. Which you probably are since you’re reading this article, odds are you’ve come across the likes of Jimmy Donaldson, barechested AKA Mr. Beast at least once. The North Carolina native is barely old enough to legally drink. But he’s already been making peoples’ dreams come true for over 3 years with the way he hands out vast amounts of money.

According to him. He hates having money and prefers to give it away and make others happy than to spend it on himself. And if that’s the case, then Jimmy must be incredibly happy. Because he’s given away a whole lot, and with earnings of over 2.5 million a month between the tens of millions of views and the sponsorships his videos get, that’s a whole lot of money to be able to give away.

Just to name a few of his ever-expanding list of generous acts, he’s given away a million dollars in cash to the winner of a contest. Tipped a pizza delivery driver a brand new fully furnished house, opened a free car dealership where he gave away 20 cars to unsuspecting shoppers, donated over a million dollars to random Twitch streamers, and gave his friend Chris a million-dollar Lamborghini for free.

If you think all he does is give away money however, you’d be wrong. In 2019 he raised $20 million to plant TWENTY MILLION trees. So far, however, Mr. Beast says he’s barely gotten started, and I can’t wait to see where he goes from here.



Being the son of a Dubai construction magnate comes with a whole lot of perks. But 18-year-old barechested Rashed Belhasa wasn’t content with just being another spoiled rich kid.

The Dubai native took his extravagant lifestyle to the internet and began amassing hundreds of thousands or even millions of views on some of the videos of his unbelievable lifestyle. Like this one of him driving in a golf cart with an orangutan. Through this, he’s managed to leverage the lifestyle he was born into to build his brand and create his fortune at an incredibly young age. Still, it didn’t hurt that his father is worth an estimated 2.3 billion with a B. Looking at Rashed’s online profiles.

You’ll quickly learn that his biggest passion is fashion. Mainly exclusive sneakers, of which he has a custom made closet filled with literally hundreds of pairs of them, some individually costing tens of thousands of dollars. Shoes aren’t all you’ll see though.

Rashed frequently shares snaps of himself driving a wide array of luxury supercars. Taking private jets to paradise-like vacation spots, and hanging out with either extreme exotic animals or the cabal of A list celebrities that are lining up to meet him.

No matter how crazy this all seems, according to his mother. Rashed does understand the value of money and has great business sense, which he’s been using to grow his online presence to massive proportions.

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