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Body Builder Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the fascinating muscles in most people’s dreams. Some people spend days and nights in the gym trying to achieve this. while others edit their pictures. But the worst are those who venture into Julius experiments.

Today we’re going to talk about these risky people. At some points, they started using medication that increases muscle mass. But harm their health. Sometimes such experiments with the body can end tragically. Sadly the risk doesn’t stop those who want to get huge muscles without any effort.

01 Romario Alves – Fake Body Builder

When Romario Alves from Brazil signed up for the gym, he was just planning on Body Building. And couldn’t imagine what his life would be. Six months later, systematic weight gain training and powerlifting change Romario’s irregular shape.

However, he didn’t find the results to be significant. Alves saw some massive dudes with considerable biceps in the gym, And they told Romario its simple. The substance made up of fat and painkillers. The material is injected deep into the muscle And spreads between the ligaments of the muscle fibers. The more significant the fat mass, the more significant the tissue grows.

But only about 30% of the product is absorbed by the body. The other 70% remain in the muscles for about three to five years And decomposes very slowly. Overall it doesn’t do your body any good. Not to mention the possible damage to the nerves and other complications. The first injections of this oil-based muscle growth substance had a visible effect on the development of the rom├írio body.

The man’s back and biceps began to grow disproportionately, But Eve just could not stop. Every new injection made his muscles harder and harder. The substance inside the muscles turned into rocks. Which, like growths, spread to the arms and shoulders. Romario didn’t look good and even scared children.

He became depressed, almost lost his beloved one. And his limbs, the regular injections in his muscles, triggered irreversible processes. And the doctors that it would lead to amputation. Fortunately, removing the Synthol deposits in the tissues was enough. After surgery, the doctor strictly forbade man to take the substance.

Following the doctor’s advice, Elvis stopped abusing Senthil in 2013.

02 Suroor Sulthan

According to this guy’s Facebook page, Suroor Sulthan was born and raised in Abu Dhabi. Sulthan owns his gym and just loves sports, including bodybuilding, of course. Suroor has a degree in psychology and calls himself an animal advocate.

Suroor loves cats and considers himself a very, very good guy. Well, you know a person who doesn’t go to clubs doesn’t drink and doesn’t have any bad habits at all. But we kind of find it hard to believe that. Looking at zero muscles, maybe he prefers to spend his time at home.

He killed up with the book in his three cats. But it’s unlikely that the guy grew his muscle mass without using particular products. Of course, sure or must have done a lot of hard work and decided to help his muscles just a little bit. And well, this happened.

03 Valdir Segato

Usually, pretty young guys are the ones who want some artificial muscles. But it appears that some older guys are into it as well. Valdir Segato, who is over fifty years old, has been using simple injections for many years.

Despite the risk of strokes and infections, This bodybuilder from South Paulo inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger and some fictional characters. Such as the Hulk.

He is genuinely proud of being called a monster. Three years ago, Valdir so was warned that he was facing amputation. But he was not afraid of muscle injuries. However, the man post pictures and videos on social media And proudly calls himself Valdez Synthol on Instagram.

That’s because Segato was very skinny in his youth. To change his life, his firing bodybuilder enrolled in a gym. Where someone encouraged him to use Synthol to grow his muscles, and he couldn’t stop.

04 Justin Jedlica

Justin looks like a human doll. And it’s no surprise almost his entire body is the result of the work of Plastic Surgeons. During his life, the 39 years older male and has undergone more than 700 surgeries. We can’t even begin to imagine how much they all cost. And Alba Kirsty always considered plastic surgery a symbol of a luxurious, glamorous lifestyle and sorts to follow it.

After his first surgery, which was rhinoplasty. Justin didn’t want to stop; he wants it a perfect body. When Justin had silicon implants put into his chest, they attracted too much attention. His biceps and triceps looked pathetic against the background of his pumped-up pecs. Any person would think about gains at the gym.

That’s what if there was another solution. Soon the issue was Take care. With the help of a few thousand dollars, paid for other implants.

05 Moustafa Ismail

It’s not always possible to prove that a person used any substances to increase muscle mass. An excellent example is Moustafa Ismail looking at his hands we can’t believe such a result can be achieved by training and dieting alone.

Because these muscles are enormous, the human body shouldn’t have such a shape. It’s not natural Nevertheless, Ismail as the holder of a Guinness Book record for having the most massive biceps. When this information made, public people were outraged. Since when – people who use artificial substances to increase muscles enter the Book of Records.

The scandal was so big that Moustafa went to Japan and underwent a full-scale medical examination to prove that his muscles were real. Based on the results of the tests, which consisted of a full-body MRI and an ultrasound scan of each shoulder, the doctors concluded that there were no traces of implants or illegal substances in his male body. Although anybody knows what kind of clinic it was and what kind of doctors conducted the examination.

Anyway, it’s a confusing story, although the record is still in the Guinness Book. People continue to doubt its authenticity. By the way, the athletes admit that he relied on growth hormones and testosterone boosters at the beginning of his career. However, he claims his current form as the result of a diet containing 3000 grams of protein per day.

They’re all absorbed by his biceps.

06 Jorge Kahwagi

Mexican businessman and politician Jorge Kahwagi It is a very peculiar case in the history of boxing. But not because he’s a cool athlete. One glance at Jorge is enough to see that he looks like a doll. Indeed Jorge has implanted in his chest and biceps And has undergone numerous plastic surgeries on his face.

That’s right; all of his muscles are fake. Besides, fans of boxing and specialized Mexican media are sure that every fight the businessman took parted staged. Jorge himself says that he started boxing at the age of eight – when you see him in action, it’s clear that something’s not quite right.

During his amateur career, Jorge allegedly fought 43 fights without defeat. Thirty-eight of which ended with knockouts. But he didn’t stop there, and at the age of 33, Kahwagi decided to switch to the professional league . and he also started to win time after time. Although Kahwagi mostly forces against unknown fighters. But it’s all just a coincidence, isn’t it?

07 Gregg Valentino

Like in any other sport, there are stars in bodybuilding. And some people are not so famous. To put it mildly, one of them is Gregg Valentino. He accused of creating a bad image for bodybuilding. Because of fraud stupidity, anti-propaganda, and many other sins. And all because Valentino resorted to the use of illegal substances.

Valentino is one of the few bodybuilders who never wanted to have a professional sports career. Initially, bodybuilding was a way for him to get rid of teenager’s securities. Gradually he became so interested in sports that he spent all of his time in the gym pumping iron. at the age of 16, and he could boast of great hands with a circumference of 49 centimeters.

Over ten years, Valentino managed to grow his biceps to 53 centimeters. But that was not enough for Gregg. One day a friend saw Valentino’s amazing results and recommended increasing muscle mass by adding the right medication. At first, Gregg used any vitamins but soon added anabolics and different injections. From her good-looking athletes, he began two turns were real monsters with bulgy hands. Uncontrolled doses led to a terrible abscess on the biceps too.

08 Arlindo De Souza

Arlindo de Souza’s in the Brazilian municipality of Linda He’s 48 years old and has long been a bodybuilder. For some time, the man honestly tried to build muscle mass using traditional methods. Arlindo always knew that medications could be hazardous. But bodybuilding still means fierce competition.

So he decided to take a risk. The effect turned out to be astonishing. Arlindo remembered his first injection a couple of years ago. Arlindo says that he felt a little dizzy and little pain. But nothing terrible happened. Instead, his muscles grew like crazy. So the bodybuilder decided to continue.

However, there was also a side effect. As it always happens, the bulges have artificially increased muscles remain on the body forever. Even when the body is relaxed, But Arlindo didn’t care. This new way of muscle building was a godsend to him. However, he did see information about the abscesses that can form in the muscles. And the fact that he could even lose his hands.

But these horror stories always seemed to be something fictional. And unreal.

Because these terrible things always happen to someone else. Unfortunately, something irreparable occurs soon. One of Arlindo’s friends died after a series of dangerous injections. It was a massive shock for the bodybuilder. So he decided to harness his willpower and stop. By the way, Arlindo didn’t stop working out when he did the injections.

He just kept his old routine, and adding medications only made the result more effective and faster. But the local medics consulted by Arlindo refused to help him in any way. They were afraid of taking such responsibilities. So the man has to keep himself in shape without any injections and hope for the best.

He’s become a real star among the locals. And despite its strange appearance is popular with the ladies.

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