Top 10 strongest people in the world

However powerful, you may think you’re. At times, it’s best not to mess with individuals as a general rule of thumb. After all, you never know when you might come across someone that’s been training their entire life. To be one of the most robust. Barechested strongest humans are living on the face of the Earth.

There are people out there who train to lift legendary quantities and turn their bodies to entirely unworthy machines. The Kind of Individuals who astound and amaze with just a flex of their massive muscles. Think you can manage to face some of the most influential individuals on Earth? Let’s get it on!


Barechested BRIAN SHAW

Some people are significant, and then there’s strongest Barechested Brian Shaw. In a towering 6 ft eight and 400 lbs, the strongman pushes the bounds on what strength implies. I mean, you have to be pushing the limits if you’ve won the World’s Strongest Man title four years in a row.

Aside from his crazy ability to deadlift an entire squat rack. Brian has to make some severe squeezes to be able to fit in everyday society. If you think he looks imposing at the gym, here’s how it looks when Brian gets on an airplane. To maintain his impressive physique, Brian eats almost 10 thousand calories a day.

He sticks to an insanely rigorous workout routine that requires using the entire gym. Not just the standard dumbbells and barbells. Most people would struggle to complete a set. I guess you can say he is living large.


Barechested EDDIE HALL

What Barechested Eddie Hall does revolves around being the very best. At the age of 13, he was one of the highest-ranked swimmers in his age group in England. By 15 a nationally ranked Varsity rugby player, and these days He is about exceeding his best competition, himself.

In 2017 Eddie won World’s Strongest Man by placing the deadlift world album for an incredible 1102 Pounds. A feat is so mad that even the legend himself. Arnold Schwarzenegger was blown away by it. Eddie currently strives to surpass his record. Eating between 5 and 10 thousand calories a day and spending all his time training and preparing for strongman competitions.

Any spare time that he does have goes to making videos for his incredibly popular YouTube channel and Instagram account. Where people get a rare glimpse into the life of the literal strongest man on the planet. And I can see why. I mean, it isn’t every day that you know what kind of breakfast it takes to fuel someone who can lift a car without breaking a sweat.


Barechested LARRY WHEELS

Everyone loves a hero with a tragic backstory. And that’s precisely what makes world-record-setting powerlifter Barechested Larry Wheels the legend that he is today. Larry’s first purchase when he started working as a gym membership. And the first time he touched iron, he knew he had encountered his destiny.

Larry has committed his life to achieve not only indomitable strength but also the body of a Greek god. Many people that could lift as much as he does not precisely have a shredded six-pack. Put through rigorous dieting and training, Larry’s capacity to get his cake and eat it to metaphorically. Of course, this guy doesn’t eat cake.

At a lean 275 pounds, Larry holds the world record for the highest powerlifting split in the world. A combined 22 hundred 75 pounds between his squat, bench, and deadlift, that’s almost ten times his weight! Researchers and strongmen alike are baffled by how he is in a position to have the best of both worlds at the fitness center. Still, Larry asserts it is merely hard work along with an overpowering enthusiasm for fitness. Which allows him to be the legend that he is now.


Barechested MARTIN LICIS

Most people’s idea of working out usually involves dumbbells or machines. But Martin Licis can look at an everyday object and turn it into a workout. Initially inspired by strongmen. He would watch on TV as a kid in Latvia, and without consistent access to a traditional gym.

Martin started his strongman pursuit with the early custom of rock lifting. Locating the very prominent rock you can and attempting to pick this up. At 16, he convinced his parents to let him move to the US to train with Odd Hughes. A strongman legend, and Martin’s idol from a young age.

Shockingly, Hughes saw the potential and drive in Martin. And took him under his wing. Training him to crush the competition through different workouts like picking up logs, stones, and believe it or not, entire cars! Through this unorthodox training, Martin was able to attack any obstacle from all angles.

While his opponents had trained with standard forms that left them rigid. And that edge was precisely what Martin needed to claim the title of World’s Strongest Man in 2019. Ever since he first exploded onto the scene. He’s been a real upset in the strongman world. Inspiring the rest of the community to pursue the more unusual exercises that Martin’s been mastering since he was just a boy.



Who wishes to lift dull old weights, as soon as you’re able to get enormous by benching women in bikinis? I don’t know what gym you can find this kind of equipment at, but Barechested Bradley Martyn sure seems to like it there. The American bodybuilding influencer is one of the biggest in the fitness world, both figuratively and physically.

But those muscles aren’t just for showing off on Instagram; there’s some insane strength behind them. Not only can Brad bench 500 pounds. But he’s also flexible enough to have dominated ninja warrior training the first time he ever tried it out. And able to crush a watermelon with his bare hands.

Bradley’s entire life revolves around being the most prominent and most influential version of himself he can be, and his wild and, let’s say. Creative workouts regularly go viral, amassing him over 6 million followers between his Instagram and YouTube channels.

But when you’re replacing your weights with Instagram models. People are bound to pay attention, right?

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Barechested JUJIMUFU

Ever since he was a teenager, Barechested Jujimufu has been a bit of a standout character. While his buddies were hitting some bicep curls at the gym, he was spending months trying to master a split on his floor. Luckily for him. That intro to crazy flexibility paid off, and he grew up to be an absolute beast who’s built a career off of his superhuman flexibility.

With the body of a champion strongman and the flexibility of an Olympic gymnast. Videos of his absurd feats of strength and flexibility are often suspected of being fake but believe me, Jujimufu is the real deal. He’s been featured in Superbowl commercials showing off his trademark overhead press while holding a split between chairs that seems to defy the laws of physics. And got some seriously shocking reactions when he took his act to America’s Got Talent.

His secret? While many people feel like working out is a chore, Juji sees it as a privilege to be able to train and loves pushing his body to the impossible limits he can imagine.



Having a title such as Half Thor, you need to expect already this guy to become something of a demigod. If you haven’t heard of the Icelandic phenomenon, Barechested Hafthor portrayed The Mountain in the HBO series Game of Thrones, and, uh, it’s pretty obvious why they’d cast him for a character with that name.

He’s an absolute giant at 6’9 and 441 pounds of raw, unmitigated muscle. As of 2019, he can add Strongest Man Alive to his already imposing resume. He accomplished this feat by performing a bar-bending deadlift of one thousand and forty-two pounds!

To keep his Norse god-like body, Bjornsson requires an incredible 10 million calories per day, which can be around 13 lbs of food. When he isn’t acting or training to be the literal strongest man on the planet, Hafthor likes scenic walks through his native home of Iceland and posting pictures on his Instagram.

It’s nice to see that someone that fearsome has a softer gentler side, but don’t let that confuse you, he’s someone you wouldn’t ever want to go toe to toe.



Carrying the burden of your entire nation in your back may seem like a good deal, but also for strongman Barechested Zydrunas Savickas, it is just another day in the fitness center. The Lithuanian guy was always born for intense games. Starting his foray to powerlifting at the young age of 16, and it was not long until he became Lithuania’s first guy to join the 1000 kilo club, meaning he would lift over a metric tonne involving his squat, deadlift and bench press.

In 2016 he crushed it at the Arnold Schwarzenegger Competition and secured himself a picture with the Terminator himself, who admittedly looks pretty small next to the Eastern European giant.

However, during that same competition, it became clear that Zydrunas was suffering from a pinched nerve, the recovery from which caused him to lose over 80% of the strength in the left side of SAVICKAS body.

While most people would think this was the end of their careers and be glad to have ended on a high note, Zydrunas was not planning on stopping any time soon. As soon as it was safe, he set out working out in a totally different but equally intense way. Radically changing his body’s shape to be leaner, pursuing bodybuilding over powerlifting. It takes more than raw power to compete on this incredibly determined man’s level.



When some superheroes get their powers through some freak injury in their own lives, a number of them are born healthy, and Barechested Robert Oberst falls into the latter group. The Californian native came from a reasonably sudden background for a strongman.

In high school, he would compete in swing dancing competitions, until a 7-inch growth spurt put a damper on that dream, but propelled him into a football scholarship as an off lineman. His inherent raw strength left him a terrifying competitor in the area and finally led him to test powerlifting.

While visiting a gym with a friend one day, Robert casually tried his hand at log lifting and set the amateur world record the first time he ever put his hands on a log without even knowing it. From that moment on, he became determined to become the strongest man ever to walk the Earth.

Today Robert is a fully-fledged beast in the world of strongmen, holding the American log lifting record at 465 pounds and being able to squat or deadlift more than double that amount without breaking a sweat.



Cars not meant to drive like they are in the Flintstones. But nobody told Barechested Mateusz that. This massive powerlifter wasn’t satisfied with lifting regular old weights or just doing push-ups and decided to pursue being a superhuman by being crazy enough to try lifting cars.

And luckily for him, there’s an entire competition for that! In this genuinely superhuman moment during Europe’s Strongest Man competition, Mateusz carried a one-thousand-pound Volkswagen beetle a whole 20 meters in precisely 10 seconds, setting a new world record while channeling his inner Fred Flintstone.

He’d be a good friend to have if you had a flat tire and no jack.

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