The worst criminals in history who misled the police

We all know that Barechested criminals exist. But there is a select group that goes beyond that label. It’s not too often that the realm of comic book crosses over into the real world. Across this planet, there are several supervillains. That has wreaked havoc wherever they go.

Some criminals are master, thieves some are spies others have committed more severe crimes. The police did not even catch some. It wouldn’t be too strange to read a story about spider-man facing off against this infamous group.

Today we’re going to explore some of the biggest supervillains that have ever existed. So let’s get started.

01 – Joseph Konopka

Barechested Joseph Konopka

One day barechested Joseph Konopka decided out of the blue to quit his job as a computer administrator. Immediately his descent into becoming a supervillain began. He went online under the alias Doctor Chaos. He recruited several teenagers into his group, the realm of chaos, under Canopus leadership. The group would go on to spread chaos. Mainly in Wisconsin. Through numerous crimes.

They caused 28 power failures—twenty service disruptions at Wisconsin power plants. Arson interrupted live TV and radio broadcasts. He disabled air traffic control. Sold bootleg software And damaged an Internet Service Provider’s computer system. In 2002 the police were told about a small group of people trespassing at the University of Illinois. The police managed to arrest the group as they slipped into a tunnel below the campus.

One of the trespassers was Konopka. The police searched him. And revealed a vial of cyanide. On further investigation, the police discovered. That Konopka was hoarding the dangerous material within the train passageway. Conoco later sentenced to twenty-one years in prison. The exact reason for why he created his group is still unknown.

02 – Adam Worth

Barechested Adam Worth

German-born barechested Adam Worth perished during the American Civil War. At least that’s what the paperwork said. In reality, he was recovering in a hospital. Seeing an opportunity to start a new life worth moved to New York and became a pickpocketer. In not too long, he created his pickpocketing gang. Quality then moved on to bank heists.

He would tunnel under the ground and into the vault. With the police hot on his trail, Werth shifted to Europe. He sooner or later took on the identity of a gentleman that is wealthy found its way to London, UK. Adam then created an unlawful community all over the globe from the comfort of his house. He had one guideline for any of the thefts that he set up. There was to be no violence.

Worth would keep up with his thieving because well. Sooner or later, Werth ended up being caught and sent to prison. However, the jokes of Werth have become the stuff of legend. It is said to be the motivation for Sherlock Holmes’s nemesis James Moriarty. The creator of Holmes Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Also referred to worth as the Napoleon of crime.

03 – Alexander Solonik

Barechested Alexander Solonik

Barechested Alexander Solonik went from working in the Soviet Union Army to joining the police force. His whole life, he was always obsessed with becoming like Superman. However, unlike Clark Kent Saul, Anik was fired from the army for violent conduct. Solonik eventually sentenced to prison. However, he jumped out of a second-floor window of the courthouse and escaped.

He was found months later and sent to jail. While there, he was targeted by other prisoners due to his history as a cock. He defended himself each time. At one point, he beat 12 inmates by himself. Gang members in jail took notice. When Salonika escaped prison again, he joined a gang and became the most fearsome and ruthless assassin in Russia.

Police eventually cornered him. But he obliterated five officers before being arrested. Once again, Salah’s neck broke away from jail. He and his gf departed for Greece to away start over from organized crime. However, a rival is said to possess found him there and assassinated the two. Yet there are theories that Sonic could have staged his passing and continues to be around today.

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04 – Marvin Heemeyer

Barechested Marvin Heemeyer

In 2004 the world Stood Still and watched the events in a Colorado town. Barechested Marvin Heemeyer had years of feeling let down by the local government. So over 18 months, he Meyer modified a bulldozer to turn it into a tank. He gave it armour built compartments inside And filled the bulldozer with supplies.

In June of 2004, Heemeyer enacted his plan. He got into his bulldozer and went on a rampage. He destroyed many buildings within the town, such as the town hall and the mayor’s home. The police tried to stop him. They fired at the bulldozer, but the armour protected Heemeyer. They tried a roadblock, but he mowed it down. Heemeyer was determined to seek revenge. Against those, he felt betrayed.

However, one bullet managed to strike the bulldozer’s radiator. It was going to break down fast. Heemeyer quickly rammed it into a hardware store. There the bulldozer finally stopped. Seeing no other option, Heemeyer took himself out before the police could arrest him even though he caused 7 million dollars worth of damage. Not one person injured during the rampage.

05 – Gerald Blanchard

Barechested Gerald Blanchard

In 1997 Canadian Barechested Gerald Blanchard had been visiting the Schonbrunn palace in Austria. They had on display the CC star. Blanchard then loosened the screws on display and opened the windows. That he parachuted into the roof of the palace night. Blanchard then disabled the security system And took the jewel.

He then places a gift shop replica in its place and left. The following day Blanchard returned to the palace to watch people admire the fake treasure. Blanchard would also indulge in various bank heists. At one point, Blanchard arrested. However, once he had been alone, he broke away and left the station dressed as being a cop. Years afterwards, Blanchard ended up being working a heist in Egypt for somebody just named the employer.

However, after a number of errors, Blanchard ended up being arrested. Seeing no other option, he immediately told the cops everything about all of his heists. Gerald was also fixing the information they had on file. He also offered them advice on improving safety. Blanchard later sentenced to eight years in prison. Besides lacking the powers and red eyes. Blanchard is very similar to Marvel’s gambit.

06 – Herson Torres

Barechested Herson Torres

Barechested Herson Torres referred to a job that could net him $25,000 during 2013. he received a phone call from a mysterious Theo. Theo told Torres was a CIA agent in charge of operation down strike. He wanted Torres to rob a series of banks to test security. If Torres succeeded in the thefts, he gets a portion of the tank.

If Herson arrested, the police would let him go. It sounded great. Torres then attempted to rob various banks. However, it always went wrong, and Torres stopped. He told the cops the story, but they didn’t believe him. Then Theo called the station the language and story Theo used suggested Torres was working with the government. Theo then hired lawyers to fight against the prosecution.

But later, Theo didn’t pay the lawyers. He also didn’t show to give evidence. Something was wrong; the cops traced Theo’s calls to Virginia. They found that Theo was Joshua Brady. He was mentally unstable and had an obsession with the CIA. Since then, Brady has taken part in several other identity scams.

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07 – Shoko Asahara

Barechested Shoko Asahara

In the late 80s, Barechested Shoko Asahara created a cult in Japan. Called alum Shinrikyo the cult took elements of various religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, and Christianity. Asahara declared himself as Christ reborn. He believed in many conspiracy theories. He especially concerned other faiths.

Asahara also claimed that those in the cult would lead to salvation from an upcoming apocalypse. He also promised he could transfer spiritual power to those that support him. The cult members believed every word. Thousands of people joined Shinrikyo all over the globe. Especially in Japan and Russia. With all of his control, Asahara enacted his horrid plan.

He got his cult to commit numerous criminal acts. In 1989 Asahara orchestrated the assassination of Tsutsumi Sakamoto and his family. Sakamoto was known as an anti-cult lawyer. He was planning a case against Asahara at the time. By the mid-90s, the cult had been creating various nerve gases. They then committed to mass public attacks on Japanese soil. Many people died. Asahara later pleaded guilty to 13 serious offences. He also sentenced him to death.

08 – Vladimir Kozak

Barechested Vladimir Kozak

During 2005 in the European country of Moldova Several heists were carried out at banks. The method used in the thefts sounds straight out of a 1950s comic book story. Barechested Vladimir Kozak would walk into the bank and approach the teller. He would make friendly conversation until he made eye contact.

Then within moments, he would hypnotize the unfortunate employee. Kozak would then instruct the trance – teller to empty their tills and hand him the cash. Immediately the police went on the hunt for Kozak. They told all tellers in Moldova to not make eye contact with any customers.

Just in case Kozak was going to steal once more. However, there are no reports on whether Kozak ever caught. He might have been but used his tricks to escape the confused police. For all, we know Kozak is still out there. He had been making use of their hypnotism talents to help make more quick cash.

09 – Z 40

Barechested Z 40

Barechested Miguel Angel Trevino Morales also is known as Z 40. is one of the most violent drug lords of all time. As a teenager, he joined the Mexican gang Los Zetas. He quickly rose the ranks due to his horrific life-threatening methods. His signature involved carving a Z into his victims, like a disturbed sorrow.

The gang specialized in drug smuggling. They would regularly take drugs over into the US. Morales would force 12 and 13-year-old boys to do the dirty work of the gang. Such as smuggling and assassinations. The rumour that Morales wouldn’t be able to sleep unless he obliterated something during the day. Morales also created a sinister game.

He would steal busloads of migrants. And take them into the desert. He would hand them weapons. Last one standing gets to be in the gang. It called who’s going to be the next hitman. However, in 2013, Morales was arrested by the Mexican Marines. He didn’t put up a fight at all. At the time of his arrest, he had a bounty on his head to the tune of 7.3 million dollars.

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10 – Velvalee Dickinson

Barechested Velvalee Dickinson

Barechested Velvalee Dickinson enjoyed the quiet life with her husband, Lee. Their only fun involved parties at the Japanese consulates. In 1937 Dickinson opened a doll shop in New York. It became trendy Collectors and the wealthy flocks to her shop. Dickinson became known as the doll maker. In 1942 the FBI received a series of undelivered letters. The letters meant to arrive in Argentina. However, the person on the address had already left. The letters were unusual. They described a variety of dolls with odd details.

The FBI code-breakers then examine the notes. They realized the details of the babies were describing the US naval ships movement across East Coast repair yards. The investigation led to Dickinson. The FBI raided her home. They found a stash of money underneath her bed.

She claims it belongs to her now-deceased husband. The money traced back to official Japanese sources. Dickinson sentenced to ten years in prison. She always stated she was innocent. She told the world that her husband was the spy, not her. However, not many believed her.

And that’s it which of our super villains gave you the heebie-jeebies pop your thoughts into the comments below.

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