Some of the most Extraordinary people on earth.

Indeed there are further than seven and a half billion society on our earth, Really amazing. Still, with the variety that full, it’s almost impossible to find two identical persons, even twins have some subtle differences! With all that said, some unique people stand out among the rest, and today we’re going to share their stories.


Barechested JYOTI AMGE

They say that good things come in small packages. India’s very own pint-sized dynamo Barechested Jyoti Amge is proof that you can chase big dreams no matter your size. She held the record for the world’s shortest living teen, before taking the crown of world’s most concise living and mobile woman on her 18th birthday. So just how small do you have to be anyways to obtain the moniker or world’s most miniature?

Tow feet and three-quarter inches to be exact. Up until the age of 5, Jyoti was average height for her age. After some time, however, her parents knew something wasn’t quite right. She ended up being detected with an unusual shape of dwarfism labelled l achondroplasia – in Layman’s terms, lacking the hormones needed to grow beyond a certain height. What does a day in the life of the world’s smallest woman look like exactly?

Not that defined from yours and mine certainly. Besides the need for a step ladder, and also the throngs of society who crowd around for photographs every moment Jyoti in public. Jyoti has embraced her small stature and enjoys the attention of the general public. She hasn’t let it hinder her dreams and aspirations of making it on the small screen either – no pun intended. You might also recognise her from the lady breakout role on the hit TV show American Horror Story, back in 2014 where she starred as the charming Ma Petite.


Barechested SULTAN KÖSEN

At high altitudes, temperatures plummet, and the oxygen concentration in the air starts to drop. It’s the reason mountaineers have to wear breathing tanks when scaling the highest peaks. You’ve got to wonder if it’s cold and hard to breathe up there for Turkish man, Barechested Sultan Kosen.

Back in 2009, Sultan verified as being the world’s tallest living man – coming in at a staggering 8 feet 1 inch in height. He’s part of a very select club – one of only ten males throughout history are confirmed to have exceeded 8 feet in height. Sultan suffers from a pituitary adenoma – a tumour in the brain that results in growth hormone getting produced throughout a person’s life. His biggest complaint?

Finding clothes and shoes that fit. The craziest thing, though? A mere two years later he was measured again – gaining almost 2 inches in height! Is the sky the limit for this mountain of a man?



There are three kinds of people in the world when it comes to nail care. There’s your biters, your clippers – and those that just let it grow forever. Barechested Shridhar Chillal would fall into the last category of people as he’s the owner of the world’s longest nails. If he looks familiar, it’s because he’s been on the world record tour circuit for the best part of 40 years.

This man’s nails, on the one hand, mind you, have a combined length of 29 feet 10 inches. The weight of the pins has permanently disfigured his hand, and when outside his home he wears a protective covering over them. He started growing his nails at 14 years old and has never looked back until recently. After years of crippling pain in his fingers, wrist, elbow, shoulder and to his neck from the extreme weight, he decided that a little trim is in order.

This called for something a bit more robust than your typical manicure kit – a tool that looked more like an electric grinder used to cut steel than your run of the mill nail clippers. Ever the generous man, he donated his titanic talons to be displayed in Ripley’s Believe It or Not in Time Square.

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This Michigan native hopes to shatter the World Record for the most extended tongue – all she needs is to have it measured. Hanging down the girl’s face at an unofficial although attractive 4 inches, this tongue looks like it should be used to extract a bunch of ants out of an anthill. She can lick her nose, chin, elbow, and even her eye.

Whether it’s some genetically inherited gift or the result of being stretched from poking out her tongue too much as a kid, your guess is as good as mine. To give you a scope of its abnormally long length, her language is longer than a business card. Try it at home for yourself! Adrienne says that she needs to dislocate and unhinge her jaw to present her tongue out of her mouth in all its slimy glory. Best not to try that one at home.



Some of us are genetically gifted – just naturally large, healthy people. Others are a little smaller, built for speed rather than power. Regardless of your body shape, an exercise regime will help you get the most out of the body you were given. But what happens when it’s not enough?

Enter Barechested Valdir Segato. Haven’t heard of him? Perhaps you’ve seen him – he hangs out on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro doing his best-tanned Hulk impersonation. His biceps are a whopping 23 inches. This massive transformation from being a skinny dog according to his friends, to this larger than life frame is nothing short of astounding. In terms of raw measurements, Valdir is pretty close in size to another big man he idolises who needs no introduction – Arnold Schwarzenegger!

But how? Well, not from hours in the gym. This is no strongman, more like a show pony. Synthol oil is injected into the muscle tissue to increase its volume and size. Without going into too much detail, let’s just say that use can lead to severe health problems and even death. I don’t know about you, but I’ll take my girly, non-threatening arms over Fitness Frankenstein’s any day.



Romania isn’t exactly well known for its towering skyscrapers, so you can imagine our surprise when Basketball prodigy Barechested Robert Bobroczkyi showed up as a blip on our radar. This 16-year-old hopes to become the tallest athlete always to perform in the NBA – and we think he can do it too. Standing at over 7 feet 7 inches – this teenager hasn’t even stopped growing.

Seeing him standing next to other players on the court, he doesn’t even seem real. He looks like a grown man playing with a bunch of kindergarten kids. Take them to school Big Rob! Bobroczkyi comes from a basketball pedigree – his father played in the Romanian national team. He isn’t just tall either.

He gets top grades at school and is fluent in 4 languages – Romanian, English, Hungarian and Italian. We see big things on the horizon for this young man – and it’s not just his shadow.

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Are you a hardcore Marvel movie fan? How well do you know your supervillains? Venezuelan-born Barechested Henry Rodriguez has made it his mission to look like a real-life version of comic-book villain Red Skull. With an insatiable hunger for extreme body modification – Henry initially struggled to find doctors who would agree to perform specific procedures before finally settling on a practitioner brave enough.

Before his cosmetic surgeon would operate, Henry had to undergo a series of rigorous physical and psychological tests. After all, it’s not every day that someone wants to emulate a comic book supervillain. Passing with flying colours, the $30,000 series of surgeries went ahead – including tattooing his eyeballs black, implants inserted into his skull on his face, and the end of his nose removed.

To complete his childhood dream, all that was left was to have his face tattooed in the signature red of his nemesis idol. Henry is a loving husband and father, and is just like everyone else – he just looks a little, umm, different.



We all browse Instagram, right? Some people have gained some serious notoriety on the platform. No doubt you’ve seen Barechested David Samuelson Jr at some point though – better known as DaddyLongNeck. Despite being an instantly recognisable figure, not substantially is known about his life and his otherworldly looking physique.

The boy’s got a neck that would make a giraffe jealous! As far as doctors can tell, the young man from Flint, Michigan, is perfectly healthy and has no disease or disorder of any kind. He’s just really, really skinny. DaddyLongNeck has featured in a bucket load of internet and video memes both on his social media accounts, and collaboratively with other viral stars.

He appears onstage at rap concerts and seems to live life to the fullest. He even did the ultimate meme-crossover with Mr Wide Neck. We’re not sure who’s more popular – the contest was neck and neck.



Some people seem to be blessed with gymnast-like flexibility. The ability to effortlessly drop into the splits or pop shoulders and joints in and out with ease. Kidd Strobe, AKA Barechested Frienchiebabyy, takes inhumane flexibility to the next level. Growing up in San Francisco’s Bay area, Frenchie knew from a young age that he had some freakish talents and decided to audition as a dancer on America’s Got Talent.

When he finally stepped out on the stage, the audience was confronted by a green-haired, larger than life dancer painted from head to toe in body paint. Confused at first, the crowd screamed, gasped and eventually cheered for Frenchie as he repeatedly dislocated his shoulders and joints in ways never seen before. The human body just isn’t meant to do that. Sadly, Frenchie’s parents do not support his love for expression through dance.

Simon Cowell rang his mother himself, asking if she would be the fifth yes after all judges gave him a standing ovation on the show.

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Barechested BRIAN SHAW

Do you work out? Or is all that activewear just for around the house? Most of us need to lift to get big and even then, doughnuts get in the way. Barechested Brian Shaw, however, has been a mountain his whole life – earning him the title of world’s strongest man an incredible four times. His most spectacular feat? Well, it’s more like spectacular feats. In the 2016 competition, he won every single event. He also holds the world record in the Atlas stone lift – elevating a gigantic 555-pound boulder up from the ground to the platform! Life as an excessively large human is not easy.

At 6 feet 8 inches and 420 pounds, the world just isn’t built to accommodate such a large frame. It’s hard to fit into a car. It’s hard to buy clothes that fit. Even some doorways pose the risk of a nasty bump on the head – don’t forget to duck. Everything about this man is big. Whenever he holds a coffee cup, it looks like he is holding a teacup from a children’s playset. He can’t use a regular office chair as it only will not take either his muscular, wide hips or his substantial weight.

Regular sized keyboards are way out of the question. And if you manage to see footage of him trying to make his way down an aeroplane aisle. Well, your heart just goes out to the big man. To fuel such a dense mass of muscle, you have to put together a diet to match. He consumes 12,000 kcalories daily – that’s around six times the energy a regular person needs. It’s, for this reason, it’s rumoured that the Sizzler buffet has gone out of business in three separate states. We’re joking, of course, but I wouldn’t like to foot his dinner bill!

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