People You’d Never Want to Mess With

There are some barechested people we don’t want to mess with! These super tough competitors are people who have dedicated their lives to becoming the smartest, most athletic, or powerful people in the room.

There aren’t many barechested people who can easily get them. And today we’re on a journey to get to know some of these tough people better. Not only are you impressed with their abilities and physical abilities. But you know that if you meet them, don’t go to the wrong side of them. Ready to awaken your mind with a display of intense skills and energy?



When it comes to keeping an online following entertained, nobody can top the antics of barechested Blessing Awodibu. The Irish influencer wasn’t satisfied with just his 2 Arnold Classics and four International Federation of Bodybuilding titles. And so Instagram was where he turned.

Amassing an ardently following of a few thousand can usually be attained by anyone with a good enough physique. At 245 pounds of lean muscle, Awodibu has, without a doubt, got that under his belt. But to get into the millions like Blessing. You have to have a little something extra to keep people invested.

The bodybuilding adonis regularly creates loads of gut-busting sketches and viral videos that garner millions of global views. Like the time he realized there was a CCTV camera recording him at the grocery store and took to flexing his competitive poses for the enjoyment of whoever was monitoring the feed.

Still, having a sense of humour isn’t at all going to confuse anyone watching these videos. Just because Blessing Awodibu can and will make you laugh, there’s no mistaking that this man is an absolute beast, and with a build like his, nobody is going to try making him the butt of the joke any time soon.


Barechested GIGA UGURU

Barechested Giga Uguru is a man who walks around calling himself a ninja, and there is nobody on Earth who would dare to tell him otherwise. As a young boy, his parents signed him up for TaeKwonDo classes, and he’s never looked back since.

But of course, you don’t make this list for being satisfied with mastering just one martial art, and Giga went on to master Thai boxing, Karate, and Krav-Maga. Following his dream of being a true ninja, Giga got into gymnastics and parkour and has crafted his fighting style, the flashy one with all the flips you’re seeing on your screen right now, out of his vast pool of skills to create a very unique and very deadly style all his own.

Uguru shows that the human body can be pushed to unthinkable limits with enough determination, as you can see with him punching a concrete floor and a tree-like their just simple punching bags without even flinching. Unless you’re tougher than concrete, I’d say it’s best to steer clear of messing with Giga Uguru.



When people want to learn to fight, they usually hit something soft to get warmed up, like a punching bag or a training dummy. But Barechested Tony Jaa is not some people. No, he’s a Muay Thai master who prefers hitting tree trunks and bending steel beams with his kicks over something as simple as a punching bag.

Jaa makes a living through his mastery over the martial art, working in movies and TV shows as a stunt double and fight choreographer for action scenes, It is not hard to see why the casting directors chose him for his roles. But trust me, these videos of his training are far from magical.

Oh no, they’re the real deal! Tony Jaa can do that in real life, and if that’s what he can do to a tree, imagine what would happen if he were to punch you. No thank you, I’m alright never knowing what that tree just went through, the video is more than enough for me to see that you should never try any funny business with this Muay Thai master.

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Barechested MARTYN FORD

If you’re a casting director looking for someone to fill the role of a terrifying, massive dude who looks like he rips peoples’ heads off for breakfast, one look at Martyn Ford and your search could not be over more quickly.

It isn’t hard to see where the British bodybuilder got his nicknames, Nightmare, Hulk, and perhaps most fittingly, the beast. I mean, just look at him, with his massive physique and intimidating tattoos, this is the guy you’d want to hire if you’re in the market for a bodyguard.

Either way, be sure not to let that fool you because Barechested Martyn Ford has another nickname that he’s very well earned: The Scariest Man on Earth. On top of his extreme passion for bodybuilding, Ford can move, and he’s slated to make a debut in Mixed Martial arts according to some sources.

I’d hate to be the guy they put up against him, though, because I’m smart enough to know Martyn Ford is someone you should never, ever mess with.


Barechested JD ANDERSON

In the world of bodybuilding, strongmen stand out as some of the most fearsome contenders the world has to offer, and even among strongmen, Barechested JD Anderson is revered on the whole ‘another level.

The strongman has pulled off some inhuman feats as nothing more than a warm-up, such as snapping baseball bats in half or rolling up steel frying pans with his bare hands, but that’s just JD getting started. I mean, what does this guy even eat to have power like that?

Oh, phonebooks, I guess. But if somehow that isn’t enough to show that you should not be messing with this guy. Then let me tell you about JD Anderson’s very cool nickname. The Iceman. No, it isn’t because he ices people, although he very clearly could if he wanted to.

Instead, Anderson holds a unique world record, one for breaking the most solid slabs of ice with his head. Now just imagine if your body were these blocks.



As a police officer in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and veteran of the United States armed forces. It’s a good thing that this dude is on our team because with physical prowess like his, he could very well be a straight-up supervillain.

While sadly there doesn’t seem to be any footage of Barechested Edward taking down criminals. There’s plenty of clips of his insane workouts, and well, you can just let your imagination fill in the blanks. I mean, do you want to run from a cop who can chase you just as quickly on his hands as on his feet?

Most criminals probably just turn themselves in when they find out Officer Hawthorne is on their case because not even the most hardened thug can hope to challenge the world’s most fit police officer.

Many of his coworkers have also taken to calling him the Supercop, and it’s easy to see why. We’re happy to say that with a real-life superhero watching their backs. The people of Pittsburgh can rest easy, but I can’t exactly say the same for the outlaws.

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Barechested ISAO MACHII

Of all the ancient warriors throughout history, the ninja has always been arguably the most entrancing of them all. With near-legendary mastery over stealth and incredible skills in hand to hand and weapon-based combat. It’s no wonder why someone like Isao Machi would dedicate their lives to becoming the ultimate modern embodiment of the ninja.

Among his incredible displays of swordsmanship are his various world records. Including the most martial arts katana cuts to a tatami mat, a mat with a density comparable to human bone, as well as the fastest 1,000 martial arts sword cuts.

On top of all that, he also holds the record for the quickest sword swing in the world. In 2013 Isao shocked the world by cutting a flying bullet in half. Reacting to a BB gun fired directly at him in time to cut it required a reaction speed of over 158 kilometers per hour.

If you’re ever going to pick a fight. Isao Machii has more than proven he is the wrong opponent to mess with.



With a name like Barechested Hafþór, you should already expect this man to be something of a demigod. In case this is somehow your first time on the internet after living under a rock for a decade, Hafþór played The Mountain in the HBO series Game of Thrones. And well, I think you can see why they’d cast him for a character with that name.

Hafþór is an absolute giant, measuring in at 6 foot nine and weighing an unbelievable 441 pounds of pure muscle. And as of 2019, he can add Strongest Man Alive to his already imposing resume. To maintain his Norse god-like physique, Bjornsson takes in an unbelievable 10 thousand calories a day or the equivalent of 18 big macs.

When he isn’t acting or training to be the literal strongest man on the planet. Hafþór likes scenic walks through his native home of Iceland. It’s nice to see that someone that fearsome has a softer gentler side. But don’t let that confuse you, he is not someone you would ever want to get on the wrong side of, because it’s a pretty big side.



If you’ve ever considered a life of crime. I think this next absolute beast of a cop might make you think twice. Meet Barechested Tony Sentmanat, the Miami born Marine who sends terror down the spines of criminals everywhere. Tony enlisted in the Marine Corps straight out of high school and showed such prowess in combat that he was put into an elite mission squad. With whom he carried out special operations all over the world.

Once he retired from the military, though, Tony hadn’t quite seen enough action. And he decided to become a police officer and, well, let’s just say he wasn’t giving out parking tickets for long. With his elite background, the extreme sailor was quickly promoted to running SWAT teams. Struggling with some of the most dangerous law enforcement operations around.

Tony is a master of several forms of martial arts and competes in MMA tournaments regularly. As well as being a special operations weapon expert, meaning he can take you down from long or short range. He even won Officer of The Year in Miami. To be fair, if this were the cop coming after me. I’d probably just turn myself in because I definitely wouldn’t be able to sleep ever again.


Barechested TIM MAN

There are plenty of skilled martial artists all over the world. But Barechested Tim Man stands out like a true warrior among the rest. Born in Switzerland, Tim started training martial arts at the young age of eight, and he never looked back.

He’s mastered a handful of different styles since then, including TaeKwonDo, Wu-Shu, American and Thai boxing. Placing third as the reigning TaeKwonDo champion in his home country of Switzerland should be more than enough to convince most people that this is not someone they want to be messing with.

After developing a fascination with Hong Kong-based martial arts films. Tim began studying gymnastics and acrobatics, as well as starting a career in cinema himself. It wasn’t long before his hard work and talent got noticed. And wasn’t long before Tim officially got to live out his dream of working full time in cinema and perfecting his unmatched martial arts skills.

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