People Who Surprise you in Different Ways

Eight billion people live on our planet now. And each of them is special in their way. But some stand out from the rest. And although they may surprise you in different ways. They share one thing in common. Their stories are definitely worth telling. So what’s unique about them let’s find out.

01 Harness Hooked to the Skin

Stanislav Aksenov is the first person in the world who combined a rope jumping and BASE jumping with hanging on hooks. And it’s not a joke, and He hooks the ropes and other necessary harnesses onto the skin. He was piercing it with the help of special tools. It sounds like madness. But Stanislav has quite a few fans around the world who are ready to try this unusual experience. For example, Jillian Hamm sees who jumped from the viaduct to very Aires Bridge in France.

02 Back for Sale

A tattoo on the back of Tim Steiner was created by a famous artist. And acquired by a German art collector. Some of you might say how can you sell a tattoo that’s on someone’s body. Well, about ten years ago, the artists wind dealt boy. Who became famous for his controversial project with tattooed pigs. Was looking for a man who had become a living canvas for work.

And he found Tim. in total, and it’s at the artist’s almost forty hours to create the tattoo. And he did a good job. Doughboy’s work titled Tim sold for a hundred and fifty thousand euros in 2008.

German art collector Rik Reinking acquired it. Steiner got 30% of these amounts. Ape foreign investments, not at all. According to the agreement, when Tim dies, his skin will be removed from his back—and placed in a frame under glass. In the meantime, he spends days sitting shirtless in museums as an exhibit. You can say he works as a painting.

03 Unique Climber

Kyle Maynard was born in 1986. and was not entirely healthy. His condition is called congenital amputation. Simply puts his arms end at his elbows and his legs end at his knees. Despite this impediment, the boy was very active and even eager to play sports. He played American football. Took up wrestling and weightlifting, And yes, he did all this without arms and legs.

Here to struggle for success though with several victories and competitions against nondisabled athletes. Gave may not even more confidence. In 2004 he earned the espy award for the best athlete with a disability, And that was just the beginning. Kyle graduated from university. He wrote a book and actively worked in the social field. He gives motivational speeches, It meets people with physical disabilities and develops rehabilitation programs, But that’s not all. Either this incredible man climbed Mount Kilimanjaro without the aid of prosthetics.

To prepare for the climb, he trained in several places throughout the United States. And he also tested special equipment. Kyle and his team began the ascent on January the 6th 2012. he wanted to climb the mountain in 16 days But was at the top ready on the 15th day. He was becoming the first person, in history with four amputated limbs to conquer Kilimanjaro.

04 An Elderly Student

Nepal’s oldest student graduated from high school in the summer of 2017. at the age of 70. you know thrice a man named Durga kami turned 70. when he finally completed his studies. It’s not that Durga had troubles with learning. And he always had to stay for the second year in the same grade. Throughout his life, Durga kami has faced many obstacles to education.

Being the youngest of 10 children, he was born into a lower caste family. And I couldn’t go to a local school. True Durga tried, but he kicked out of class as a result instead of going to school. He started working hard since childhood And continued to do this all his life. He got married, but his wife died soon. And the family tragedy prompted Durga to get an education.

He went to elementary school in April 2005. and began to catch up with the schedule. But the first other students and their parents weren’t thrilled. After all, in a traditional society, they are wary of such things. Durga even accused of enrolling in school because he wanted to kidnap other kids. They teased him endlessly. What’s the man continued to come to school every day. He wasn’t the brightest student, but over time, he was able to make friends with classmates.

His initiative also destroyed prejudice towards adult education. Now many schools are ready to provide an opportunity to study for the people who couldn’t do this youth. But the most exciting thing is that Durga is not going to stop there And wants to get a master’s degree. What an awesome man.

05 Red and White Man

Do you have a favorite color? Many people admit they prefer a certain kind of intensity. But perhaps there’s no man like seven. He lives in Bangalore, India. And wears only red and white and literally. his father named him seven in honor of the number seven. And since then this number became sacred to him. for example, he wears jackets with seven buttons. and also speaks seven languages.

But this is not as surprising as the color of clothes. And color preferences in general. Seven’s whole life painted red and white. He wears a red and suit. He drives a red and white car, And his entire house consists of red and white objects. They say that initially, the fascination with these colors was just a marketing gimmick. Seven works as a real estate agent. But these situation seems to have gotten out of control.

Now he’s a local celebrity. And even his family members dress in red or white. At first, the wife of the seven refused to support his strange hobby. But now, when she goes shopping, she chooses things that fit into the red and white style. It can be anything from curtains to a stepladder, bedspreads, and household appliances, and yes, it seems that 7:00 is not tired of this deck. He’s going to stick to that style until his death.

06 Great Escape

History knows many people who escaped the iron curtain. These so-called information political and border barriers of the Cold War. Which isolated the USSR and other socialist countries from the West Many people wanted to break free. And we’re ready to do all it takes—even risking their life by doing something completely insane.

Can you imagine a person who jumps on a 380,000-volt nuclear reactor power lines Stretching from one country to another all in the middle of the night Despite steady wind rain and a risk to die at any second? Daniel pol did all of that. In July 1986, he fled from the Czech Republic. Formerly known as Czechoslovakia to Austria And used high-voltage wires for this as a zip line. There was simply no other way. Together with his friend, who is called the mad scientist.

The hole made his way into that militarized zone near the border. Miraculously bypassing a soldier’s death was waiting for him literally at every corner. Hundreds of people died trying to escape. But none of them would agree to such a reckless plan just because it seemed like absolute madness. Without a chance of success. But spall and his friend managed to get to freedom. It’s not surprising that the story of the Great Escape quickly spread throughout the world. And it is still exciting to this day.

07 Kayaking Across The Ocean

Crossing the ocean is not an easy task. It took a lot of time for humanity to learn how to do this. And today, people can build durable ships. That can withstand the power of the elements. Well, to handle them, you need a team of experienced sailors. At least a few people because conquering the ocean alone is not possible.

But not for Alexander Doba. A polish kayaker. This 73-year-old adventurer has crossed the Atlantic Ocean more than once. He did it three times. In an ordinary kayak. These are considered the most extended trips. In open water in kayaks. No wonder Dover was named as the 2014 adventurer. Of the Year by National Geographic. just to make it clear. He cost the ocean three times in a tiny boat.

He is using nothing but an oar and his own hands. By that time, he was already at an advanced age. Doba also skydives 14 times. And piloted gliders for a total of 250 hours. he also rides a bicycle a lot And generally leads to an active lifestyle, which helps him stay in great shape. It seems that nothing can stop it from conquering the ocean. Even when Dover was attacked. And robbed during one of his travels. He didn’t abandon the idea of crossing the Atlantic. Who knows, maybe one day Dover will cross the Pacific Ocean.

08 Drift On a Skyscraper

You know certain places are not right for drifting—for example, playgrounds narrow streets or the roofs of skyscrapers. The Burj Al Arab is a world-famous Hotel in Dubai. The building stands in the seeds 280 meters from the coast on an artificial island; It is linked to the shore by a bridge With a height of 321 meters, This skyscraper was once the tallest hotel in the world.

And this says a lot at the height of 210 meters. The Burj Al Arab has a helipad intended, of course, for helicopters. But why not go for a deadly drift there. The team of Formula One Red Bull Racing did this daring trick. The 750 horsepower car. Usually designed to be used on the racing track. Was the first car ever to drive on the Burj Al Arab helipad. An experienced racecar driver David Coulthard. Was behind the wheel of this mighty car, But even with his skill, the risk was still high in a conversation reporters. The driver admitted that he agreed to the idea of a red bull right away.

“I like getting involved in anything. That pushes the boundaries, and it’s for red ball stands for”. Cold said. As a result, we could see a unique and breathtaking show.

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