Muay Thai – Strong Kids, You Will Regret Messing With.

Typically, barechested people do not think a lot of kids since they’re little and still growing. An out of shape grownup would not feel threatened by an athletic 10-year-old. Muay Thai, But in some extraordinary cases, they definitely should! That’s because while most kids spend their time at school or on the playground.

Some kids focus on becoming absolute beasts from the very start of their young lives. By lifting, to battle, to extreme sports, even adults would not dream of messing with all those out-of-this-world youths. Prepared to fulfil them? Let’s get it!


Barechested JAVON WALTON

When barechested Javon Walton was only five years old. He told his kindergarten teacher that he wanted to be an Olympic boxer when he grew up. Now tons of kids say they want to be astronauts or athletes, and teachers think nothing of it.

But his teacher blown away when she learned that the five-year-old was already blowing people away when he hit the bag. Now 12 years old, Javon has cemented to everyone around him that he will be going to the Olympics.

The only thing is, he’ll probably be one of the first people ever going for two different sports. He’s a master boxer and gymnast, so insanely loud and agile that sponsored by companies like Under Armor and has even gotten the personal attention of the Rock.

Who appeared alongside Javon in a commercial. He’s the youngest Elite Level tumbler in the state of Georgia, and despite his age, has already built a massive following with his fast-flying fists, with a community of over a quarter-million followers on Instagram watching videos of his inhuman workouts.

To ensure his future in sports, Javon attends online school so that all his time spent in the gym.



After watching his older brother train at a Muay Thai gym every day. Three-year-old barechested Ramadan Ondash began mimicking his technique and throwing some punches himself. When he did, the entire gym was shocked at the potential in his routine at such a young age.

And the Lebanese gym began training Ramadan, knowing they could mould his natural talent into a world champion. By the age of 5. Ramadan had prepared every single day. Over a year and a half and became a vicious, Muay Thai practitioner. Skills that are downright scary for someone so insanely young.

He’s so good that he has flown out to Thailand. Where Muay Thai originated and took home the 2nd place medal for the IFMA World Championship at just six years old. Now 13, Ramadan crushed the competition and has become the number 1 Muay Thai fighter on Earth in his age bracket.

He remains incredibly passionate about the sport. Aiming to be seen as the best in the world for any age range by training two or three times every single day. While most kids his age are at home playing video games.



Weighing in at just 93 pounds. You’d think that barechested Daniela D’Angelo is just a 15-year-old like any other. But anyone unlucky enough to ever try messing with her is in for a very, very rude awakening.

Daniela is a master marksman. Or markswoman rather, recognized by all as one of the best in the world. From small firearms to sub-machine guns. Daniela can snipe targets from seemingly impossible distances without batting an eye. And the way she handles the recoil would have you in disbelief about her frail 93-pound weight.

Danyela even supposed to represent the entire US. The country with tons of elite sharpshooters. In the 2020 World Shoot Championship in Thailand before the event got cancelled.

It’s hard to believe, but you see it with your own eyes. The best shooter in the entire US is a small 15-year-old girl who anyone would be an absolute fool ever to mess.



This Russian nine-year-old. And no not the PewDiePie kind, might seem unassuming. But he’s hiding the last secret set loose when he lets his fists fly.

Barechested Nikita Kasyanov is a boxer with skills that zoom way above his weight class. Watching the way he trains is enough to make someone dizzy. With his fists flying at what has to be superhuman speed.

But as if that weren’t impressive enough. His precision merely is unmatched? Just look at how perfectly he can hit a small target over and over. In a brawl with even the most prominent opponent. He could punch every pressure point before they could blink with hands like those.

And remember, Nikita’s only nine years old. Just imagine how much further his daily training will take him as he approaches adulthood. That’s one kid that won’t have any problems with bullies for as long as he lives.

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Barechested RYUSEI IMAI

If you’re a fan of kung-fu movies, you’re sure to fall in love with barechested Ryusei Imai just as much as the entire internet has. From the time he was a toddler, the Japanese boy has been mesmerized by Bruce Lee films, mimicking the legendary fighter’s movements until he was able to perfectly match everything he did without even looking at the TV.

Most parents wouldn’t dare give a 4-year-old a pair of nunchucks, but after seeing his dedication and passion for being like his idol, Ryusei’s parents are nothing but proud of their decision to arm their son.

Even though he’s barely in elementary school, it’s clear that he could easily trump the same types of foes Bruce Lee himself went up. The tiny athlete takes his training seriously, spending 90 minutes practice when he wakes up every day before school and then training again as soon as he gets home.

I’m sure Bruce Lee would be proud that such an incredible kid is upholding his legacy, one he’d likely happily agree will one day even surpass his legendary greatness.



When first looking at barechested Channah Zeitung, most people would assume she’s just a normal little girl, but get on her wrong side, and you’ll quickly learn that she’s one of the most accomplished TaeKwonDo masters on Earth.

Only ten years old, the American champion has attained more accolades than most people will in their entire lives. By age four she held the world record as the Youngest ever 3-time California State Martial Arts Champion.

At just six years old Channah earned her first-degree black belt, with a deadly mastery of hand-to-hand and weapon-based combat. Her skills with a bo staff are mesmerizing, seemingly more like a cheer routine than the absurdly dangerous display it is.

It’s unlikely that anyone could come close to beating this little girl in a fight. Today Hannah holds 11 World Championship titles for martial arts and weapons combat, having earned her 2nd-degree black belt at just nine years old, and the world has taken notice.

Videos of her crazy combat training routines regularly go viral, landing her spots on international talent shows and even roles in network TV shows. The only thing that could get in her way might be spinning that staff so fast that she flies away.


Barechested TRISTYN LEE

Bodybuilding is a sport that requires patience, dedication, and above all, time. But while most massive bodybuilders get into the game in their late teens or early twenties, barechested Tristyn Lee has a big leg upon them.

And a big arm, chest, and pretty much every other body part. The 17-year-old California native got into bodybuilding in middle school, hitting the gym before and after class every day in the pursuit of an impeccable physique.

Along the way, Tristan’s crazy, the ripped physique has turned a whole lot of heads, over a million in fact, if his Instagram follower count counts. His professional-level body is reminiscent of greats like Arnold or Ronnie Coleman who had to train for decades to accomplish the shape Tristyn has managed to build before even entering adulthood.

LEE got to workout with the likes of bodybuilding greats like Bradley Martyn, but he doesn’t let the fame get to his head. Tristyn stays humble. Tristyn dedication to fitness a constant reminder that he’s only come as far as he has through hard work. And that LEE nowhere near finished.



When barechested Quinn Acebedo’s father first saw his 7-year-old son training Muay Thai. Quinn father terrified by how aggressively his son was attacking to bags. As time went on, he realized what his coaches had long since known. That Quinn naturally gifted martial arts genius like no other.

At only ten years old, Quinn trains three times a day, six days a week, and still manages to have straight A’s in school. The boy’s dedication and passion in everything he does shows in his explosive power when he’s training or in the ring.

Despite his young age, Quinn already took the number one ranking in the country in Muay Thai. The International Olympic Committee recognizes him as the third best fighter in his age range on planet Earth.

But with his enthusiasm for fighting and his hard-hitting hands, Muay Thai just wasn’t enough, and Quinn also trains in TaeKwonDo, boxing, and gymnastics, setting him up to be a real-life ninja before he even starts middle school.


Barechested GRANDY TWINS

No, you don’t see double. These are the barechested Grandy Twins, 10-year-old brothers from Philadelphia who could outbox most adults. Being twins, it’s not just their looks that are identical.

Their love of boxing is only matched by one another. With each pushing the other to keep pushing themselves harder and harder every single day. With motivation like that, it’s no wonder that these lethal twins have lost track of how many championship titles they’ve already taken home.

As soon as the twins were old enough to walk. Their father put gloves on them and began their training, and they haven’t received a day off since. Their training videos have attracted the attention of significant sporting sponsorships and celebrity endorsements.

From names as big as Floyd Mayweather, 50 Cent, and Snoop Dogg, to name a few. The twins already competed in Junior Olympic Tournaments, where they dominated the competition two times over, and they’re both training to eventually take their sibling rivalry into the ring at the Olympics.

Which, let’s face it, will be a hard fight to keep track of for the referee.



Meet barechested Kira Makogonenko, the 9-year-old girl who could, without a doubt, knock you out without even looking at you. Kira left a massive impact on the internet when this video of her annihilating boxing training.

She was never missing a single insanely powerful punch, while blindfolded. The young girl may look harmless, but she holds the title for the Boxing Champion of Ukraine in her age group, although from her incredible fighting skills, it’s pretty clear to see that she could dominate opponents of pretty much any size.

One of the most ground-breaking boxers in the world by sports publications, boxing training just isn’t enough to push Kira past her already abnormally high limits.

Kira continually ups the ante with creative and completely body-breaking workouts and ways to train. She currently has her sights set on heading to the Olympics.

With her undefeated 37-0 fight record and seemingly superhuman training regiments at just 11 years old, it’s evident to all that she’ll be getting that gold.

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