Barechested Rayan

If you consider barechested Michael B Jordan’s physique a statuesque work of art, Corey Calliet is the genius sculptor behind the masterpiece.

Celebrity trainer Calliet is the artist who has made Michael B. Jordan pectorals ripple just so, veins pop just a bit, deltoids round just enough, to appear, as Calliet describes, “more aesthetically pleasing” than ever before.

“Michael didn’t have muscles when we met, so I’ve been watching it grow,” Calliet says as we prepare to work out together at MusclePharm gym. “As his career grew, his muscles grew. So that’s what I’ve been doing the whole time.”

What, exactly, does Calliet’s craftmanship entail? That’s what we find out in a training session ahead of Creed II, the sequel to the 2015 Rocky spinoff, which shows off a body even more ripped than the one Calliet engineered for Black Panther and the first Creed.

Jordan trained six or seven days a week.

“Because we’re so busy, when we have time to train, we train,” Calliet says.

For Creed II, that meant Michael B. Jordan trained for four months before the start of filming, then continued to work out four to nine hours a day, spaced throughout his day. Calliet says the hardest part was keeping Jordan in top condition for several days of filming.

“barechested Bodybuilders, we work six to eight months for about three minutes (of competition). He kept the condition for 21 days,” Calliet says.

“What I did was, I just took a body that was already big and just made him, honestly, bigger.”

He ate a half-dozen protein-rich meals a day.

Michael B. Jordan typically started his day with “turkey bacon, maybe egg whites and potatoes, in a bowl”, Calliet says. “For some reason, he likes stuff in a bowl. … I don’t know, that’s just his thing.”

Two hours later, Jordan would eat more protein: chicken and/or steak and fish.

In addition to those meals, Jordan ate four or five more times throughout the day, combining protein, cups of vegetables, and fats such as avocado and nuts. “It all depended on how the body was,” Calliet says.

A typical workout involved weights, plyometrics, ab work, and agony.

I do an abridged version of barechested Jordan’s workout, which starts out gentle and then picks up after Calliet determines I’m stronger than I look. (I take that as a compliment.)

After taking me through a rowing machine, mountain climbers, tricep dips and bicep curls, it’s time for “the hardest thing you do the whole time”, as Calliet describes the sled. “If your trainer gets this, run very fast away.”

With the warning that even Michael B. Jordan despises pushing the sled – a device that looks like a dog sled with two handles and a place to add weight – I sprint all out with the thing around a cone. And proceed to see stars.

Once I recover, there’s more to do: bicep curls, jump squats, leg lifts, barbell squats, walking push-ups and a multitude of ab exercises he promises are the last one.

“You know, trainers can’t count,” Calliet teases. “We failed at math.”

Michael B. Jordan cheat meal: cheeseburgers.

“I think cheat meals are great,” Calliet says. “When you’re eating clean so long, the body’s going to plateau. Give yourself something you deserve. It speeds your metabolism – it spikes it.”

barechested Jordan’s cheat meal of choice is Whataburger. “He may get a double cheeseburger, something with bacon. He wants a piece of everything,” Calliet says. “He’s a foodie; he loves to eat. And when you say eat, he eats a lot.”

There were daily shirtless assessments.

Part of Calliet’s job involves taking a close, daily look at Jordan’s naked torso.

“Literally, every morning, I’m like, ‘Take your shirt off’,” Calliet says. “I’m (seeing if) his shoulders get wide, I’m looking at the thinness of his skin (the thinner the better, to emphasize his muscles and veins), I’m looking at how his back tightens up. I’m trying to see where I see a flaw so I can fix it.”

I ask for my (clothed) muscle assessment from Calliet.

His take: “You look like you’re not strong.”

He recommends building out my shoulders, doing exercises to increase the size of my quads, growing my hamstrings and working on my abs.

“You want a triangle,” he explains, noting that my straight, boyish figure would look stronger if I had a smaller waist. “A lot of people are shaped boxy, (so) you have to make things move.”

I comment that he sounds like an artist at work. He likes the comparison.

“Remember, I’m the painter and you’re the picture.”

Creed II hits NZ cinemas on November 29.

How Michael B. Jordan Got Fit for ‘Creed’

Regardless of getting wrecked by Ivan Drago in Rocky IV, Apollo Creed’s torn physical make-up, as showed by entertainer Carl Weathers, was past fortunate. Some other, less roused, the entertainer may have been overwhelmed by the assignment of evaluating the Creed name; however, Michael B. Jordan utilized the test to propel himself past his past wellness limits.

“I was excited,” says Jordan, a long-lasting fanatic of the establishment. Collaborating again with Fruitvale Station chief Ryan Coogler, Creed follows the battle of Apollo’s child Adonis to step out of his dad’s shadow in the game that he additionally adores. In the film, Adonis finds Rocky, repeated by the notorious Sylvester Stallone, to get him ready. Be that as it may, in actuality, Jordan enrolled coach Corey Calliet to accomplish his extraordinary body change.

“I felt muscles I never realized I had,” Jordan says.

That doesn’t mean Stallone just remained in the corner. The big-screen veteran guided the youthful entertainer through the boxing scenes, of which he is knowledgeable after six anterior portions of the Rocky arrangement. “loaded up with astuteness,” Jordan says. “He truly helped me discover the validness in the ring and let me know when I shouldn’t keep down.”

Even though they boxed day by day during preparing, it was Calliet’s understanding as a weight lifter that helped him focus on each muscle gathering and shape Jordan’s full structure. “I needed to make him look significantly more tore than Apollo, and I figure we did that,” Calliet says. It didn’t come without difficult work; however, the mentor lets it known all took care of when Stallone stood ringside gazing toward Jordan. “He stated, ‘Mike looks great.’ That implied a ton originating from him.”

Michael B. Jordan Training Regimen


For 45 to an hour day by day: Interval preparing, run work, plyometric bores, and speed rope.


Each and every other day, complete three arrangements of 25 reps of each move:


Lie on the floor with knees bowed, feet level, hands behind head; crunch chest area up, so shoulder bones lift off the floor, stop, and gradually dropdown.

Leg Raises

Lie on the floor with legs reached out, with legs stuck together and straight, raise legs opposite to the story, at that point gradually lower to a couple of creeps above level.

Reverse Crunches

Lie on the floor with legs broadened, feet floating a couple of crawls off the floor, fold knees to chest, stop, at that point lower back to begin without permitting feet to contact the story.

Toe Touches

Lie on the floor with legs expanded, arms by sides. Raise legs opposite to level and lift middle off the floor to arrive at arms to contact toes; gradually lower back to begin.

Traditional Sit-Ups

Lie on the floor with knees bowed, feet level, hands behind head; draw in abs and lift chest area until you’re entirely upstanding; gradually lower back to begin.


Start the arrangement with a 1-mile warm-up on the treadmill:

Press and Push-Up Superset

Shift back and forth between hand weight presses and push-ups, for five rounds all out. Do this rep conspire for the free weight squeezes: 10 reps, at that point nine reps, at that point 8, 7, lastly 6. You’ll do 15 push-ups following the media each time. Take a 15-to 30-second break between adjusts.

Michael B. Jordan Fly and Push-Up Superset

Switchback and forth between seat press flys and push-ups. For five rounds, complete. Do this rep conspire for the seat press flys: 10 reps, at that point nine reps, at that point 8, 7, lastly 6. You’ll do ten push-ups following the flys each time. Take a 15-to 30-second break between adjusts.

Dumbbells Curls

Complete four arrangements of 15 hand weight twists, taking a 30-second break between sets.

Hammer Curls

Complete three arrangements of 12 mallet twists, taking a 30-second break between sets.

Kickback and Dip Superset

Switchback and forth between hand weight payoffs and seat plunges, for four rounds complete. Do 15 hand weight payoffs. At that point, quickly do 20 seat plunges. Take a 15-to 30-second break between adjusts.


Complete in a circuit design for three rounds. Take 2-minute rests between each round, and no rest between works out:

  • Box or Bench Step-Ups 20 every leg
  • Box Jumps or Jumping Over a Step 20 reps
  • Side Step-Ups on a Box or Bench 20 every leg
  • Jump Squats 20 reps
  • Burpees 15 reps
  • Bench Push-Ups 25 reps


  • Every exercise day closes with 3 hours of boxing:
  • Heavy sack
  • Speedbag
  • Hitting the gloves
  • Jump rope


  • Meal 1
    • 6 egg whites
    • 1 entire egg
    • 45 g carb (ex: oats, rice, and so on.)
  • Meal 2
    • Protein shake
    • 35 g carb (ex: steel-cut oats)
  • Meal 3
    • 8 oz lean protein (ex: chicken, ground turkey)
    • 65 g carb (ex: rice, sweet potato)
    • 1 cup green veggie
  • Meal 4
    • 8 oz lean protein (ex: chicken, ground turkey, or fish)
    • 35 g carb (ex: rice, sweet or red potato)
  • Meal 5
    • Protein shake
    • 35 g carb (ex: steel-cut oats)
  • Meal 6
    • 8 oz lean protein (ex: chicken, ground turkey)
    • 1 cup green veggie
    • 1 tsp oil (ex: olive oil, coconut oil, macadamia nut oil)


Calliet set a cheat day for Jordan beginning at 7 p.m. on Saturday and consummation at 7 p.m. on Sunday. Having the film shoot happen in Rocky’s old neighborhood of Philadelphia lead to one apparent guilty pleasure. “I don’t have the foggiest idea whether an individual has ever eaten the same number of cheesesteaks as I saw Mike eat,” snickers Calliet.