Martial Arts People You Will Regret Messing With.

There are some people during this world who you never want to urge on the wrong side. While on the surface, some of these barechested people could also be friendly or calm, don’t let that confuse you. Martial Arts

Some of them have spent their entire lives working to become the biggest, the worst, or the most skilled people in the world. And no matter how tough you think you are. TRUST ME, they can take you.

So while you would not want to mess with these incredible samples of human excellence. That does not mean their exploits won’t blow your mind. Able to meet these incredible people? Well, let’s get onto it! Martial Arts



However, barechested Sergei Tcirulnikov arrived at the ideas for his insane viral videos. I’ll never understand, but I’m thrilled that he did because they’re some of the craziest things I’ve ever witnessed. Just to name a few of the seemingly impossible feats of raw strength and power he’s shown off. Sergei has pulled a 180-ton train with his body alone.

Ripped through iron chains and padlocks just by flexing his muscles, kept not one, but TWO planes from taking off with only his arms. And that’s barely scratching the surface. Whether or not he’ll ever find something he can’t do is yet to be determined. Still, the Kazakhstan phenomenon has undoubtedly proven that he’s pretty much the closest thing we’ve got to a real-life superhuman walking around right now.

Through his tireless training and thirst to perform incredible feats. Sergei has gotten at least four world records under his belt. Which he claims he only started breaking ironically. Making a joke out of taking the rankings away from athletes who trained their entire lives to earn them.

In case you can’t tell, anyone who sets World Strength Records as a joke is probably someone you should go far out of your way to never upset.



If you’ve ever been lucky enough to score a quick selfie with the UFC Notorious barechested Connor MacGregor. Then I might have some bad news for you. The person in your photo, while he might have the same tattoos, build, and hair color may have been professional McGregor impersonator Islam Badurgav.

Of course, not just anyone can impersonate one of the most skilled fighters on the planet and get away with it. To be able to pull off pranks, Islam does have to train incredibly hard to have a body that someone would mistake for the Irish champion’s.

He spends most of his time doing street workouts and calisthenics. And he’s at the point where he makes absurdly hard tricks like the muscle-up and flagpole seem easy as pie.

While we’re not sure if Connor is aware of his very popular look-alike. It’s pretty safe to say that anyone confident enough to risk stealing the image of one of the best fighters on Earth. Probably not someone you’d ever want to go toe-to-toe.


Barechested THOMAS WU

Boxing is a dangerous sport that requires a combination of talent and training to become any good at. Barechested Thomas Wu seems to have hit the jackpot on expertise. At just 21 years old, Wu is known to many as the fastest puncher in the world. After he created a nearly impossible to replicate online trend called the Floating Ball Challenge. Which, if you can’t tell by the name, involves punching a ball fast enough to keep it spinning in midair.

Not just the speed of Thomas’ fists, but their precision and control show that he was born for this sport. Which he says he got into by accident when looking for a way to gain some hip mobility to help with his baseball career.

Eight years of training later and he’s worlds ahead of athletes that have been training for twice as long. With 4 National Championship titles to his name. Thomas claims that his current goal is to head to the Olympics and be crowned the best boxer in the world. And with hands so fast that his Instagram videos look like they’re on soon forward. That goal doesn’t seem all that farfetched.


Barechested DIAMOND OTT

There are over 1.3 million men and women enlisted in the United States military. Each trained to stay at peak physical and mental performance year-round. Which makes it all the more impressive to find out that First Sergeant Diamond Ott is widely known as the most reliable soldier.

Looking at his wild and creative workouts, though, it begins to become clear that Barechested Diamond has muscles as hard. Well, as a DIAMOND! Many people can’t even manage a pull-up.

Still, Ott performs spinning acrobatic ones with ease. He can hold massive plates up with nothing but his core. And doesn’t suffer from the common problem of being big with no flexibility. He can even do dips with 245 pounds, or more than his bodyweight strapped to his waist. That’s not some personal record, that’s just a regular part of his everyday routine.

That is an absurd accomplishment. Add onto that wild level of strength and coordination decade and a half of tactical military training. This guy can more than likely take down any opponent he comes across in a few hundred different ways.

After 16 years of service, Diamond has no intention of slowing down and continues pushing his mental and physical limits in service to his country. Maybe just a little bit for his Instagram followers.



With his iron-clad musculature, deep-set expressions and truly intimidating demeanor. German bodybuilder and actor Barechested Vito Pirbazari certainly cuts an imposing figure. And I suppose that’s why he cast for his fearsome role in Dogs of Berlin.

If you’re tricked by that though, that just means he’s very good at his job. Because Vito is one of the most helpful guys around. The German giant dedicates himself to showing off his workout and diet routines. Both incredibly essential ingredients for maintaining his trademark tough-guy look, with his fans on his rapidly growing social media.

Still, judging by the way he knocks around a punching bag, I wouldn’t want to get on his wrong side.

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Barechested EVGENY LOS

When you see someone with a physique this insane. It should be evident that you wouldn’t want to catch them on a bad day, but just in case you’re feeling unsure. Just watch how hard Evgeny Los can swing a hammer.

Yeah, if that tire were your head, you’d be having a pretty hard time. Thankfully though, this Belarusian behemoth is much more likely to be saving your life than threatening it.

Evgeny works as a firefighter in Belarus and dedicates himself to working out and achieving a peak physique. As well as pursuing feats that nobody else on Earth can complete.

Oh yeah, we’re talking Guinness World Records. Evgeny holds the world record for most weighted push-ups on uneven bars performed in one minute. Pulling off, or should I say pushing up an unbelievable 53 weighted push-ups in just 60 seconds. Absolutely obliterating the previous record of 40.

Watching him workout though, this was probably just another day at the park for Evgeny. He claims that he’s itching to pursue more calisthenic records shortly. Still, even though you’d never want to mess with Evgeny Los. You’d be relieved if he were the one rescuing you in an emergency.


Barechested KERIM DUYGU

Usually, a martial arts master will be able to defeat opponents with their hands or their feet, or reasonably even their elbows. Still, Barechested Kerim Duygu could take on any opponent with nothing more than his shins.

While most people’s shins are little more than a very painful spot to bump into obstacles with, somehow, Kerim is insanely tough enough to fight with these vital weak points on most humans without showing a shred of discomfort. He’s so wildly skilled with his shins in fact that he holds a unique world record.

See, while mobsters use baseball bats to break peoples’ shins, Kerim uses his bones to break baseball bats. In his crazy run for a Guinness ranking, he managed to break numerous baseball bats using only his shins in one minute; that’s more than one bat a second!

Just watching this makes me wince with pain, but Kerim’s years of martial arts training, and probably a dash of mania, keep him from feeling anything but exhilaration as he earns his very unique spot in history. Anyone with that kind of power and pain tolerance combined is someone you never want to mess.



Karate is an ancient art meant to focus on discipline and self-defense and is never supposed to use as a weapon. That’s pretty lucky for all of us when there are karate masters like Barechested Masaaki Ikemayagi out there.

Ikemayagi has been practicing karate since he was a boy when he was deemed worthy of being trained by the disciple of the founder style. In case you’re wondering what might have made him stand out so much, take a look at what this martial arts master can do to 7.5 centimeters of solid hardwood with a single punch.

That’s what’s known as the deadliest punch in the world. A technique honed through an intense lifetime dedication. Ikemiyagi can shatter bones with a single blow, and he likely wouldn’t have to try very hard to do it, as sometimes the master doesn’t even seem to know his strength.

That was just a training shot. If you placed up against this legendary karate practitioner in a fight, just imagine what he could do if he were sober. Thankfully, Ikemiyagi is a peaceful man, more interested in helping others through his international series of dojos than hurting them.

And he’s never been in a fight outside of a dojo or competition in his life. But, that’s likely because everyone on Earth knows never to mess with the man with the deadliest punch planet.



Originally born in South Korea, Barechested Samuel Ericcson found a connection to his heritage in practising TaeKwonDo at seven years old. The boy quickly found he had a knack for martial arts, and began to pursue more and more styles, eventually training as an MMA fighter.

Not everything was sunshine and rainbows for Samuel, though. As he struggled through many personal and health-related issues in his teenage years, which ended up with him waking up in a hospital room after a particularly nasty street fight saw him knocked unconscious.

It was that moment that Samuel decided to make a change. He dedicated the next year of his life to get better. MMA was like therapy for him. As he started posting his videos online, people quickly took notice of his mad martial arts skills, and his follower count began to grow.

Finding that his workouts were inspiring people all around the world. He trained harder and harder, saying he had found his purpose in the gym. Today, he’s a signed fighter in the UFC, and his unrelenting quickness and power are very plain to see in his training videos.

This guy paid to beat up other trained fighters, do you think you should mess with him? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

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