Kids Who Remembered Their Past Life

If your kids started talking about their past life, would you believe them? What if they claim to have lived somewhere else with a different family. Well, according to dr. Jim Tucker, you should. He’s a prof of medicine and Niro Behavioural Sciences at the University of Virginia.

He says sometimes kids between the ages of 2 & 6 remember a past life. Today we’re going to look at some real mind-blowing instances of this happening. Today we’re going to look at kids who remembered their past lives.

09 Kendra Carter

When Barechested Kendra kart was four years old, she decided to get swimming lessons. But after a few days, Kendra began getting very attached to her swim coach. She told her mother that the coach’s baby had passed away. And Kendra said that the baby was her. She said quote I’m the baby that was in my swim teacher stomach.

The mother was very, very confused, so she asked the swim teacher. The swim teacher said yes I did have a baby that passed on inside me. But this was nine years before Kendra was even born. Kendra loved spending time with a swim teacher, and she convinced that the swim teacher was her mother from a past life. Eventually, Kendra’s mom and the swim coach got into an argument.

Kendra’s mom told Kendra she couldn’t go and have swimming lessons anymore. But this course Kendra to get very upset and she barely spoke for four months. Eventually, Kendra’s mom allowed Kendra to see the swim coach and Kendra went back to her usual self.

08 Boriska Kipriyanovich

Barechested Boriska Kipriyanovich

Barechested Boriska is from Volgograd Russia. And even before he recalled his past life, he was already a remarkable kid. He has a genius IQ level, and he also has an outstanding knowledge of the planetary systems. When this revealed, it baffles experts and scientists around the world. The risk as mother and doctor said they knew he was special two weeks after he was born.

There’s because at two weeks old he was able to hold his head up without any support. A few months later he began to speak, and by the age of one, he could read draw and paint. But what’s most surprising is he says he remembers a past life. He claims to have been born on Mars and Mars is his number one interest. Mariska said that Mars once had a civilisation. But a massive nuclear space catastrophe caused them to wiped off the planet. He also says that’s why Mars is so hot to this day.

Now, this sounds made up. But Boriska, not just some silly kid making things up. Remember he has a genius IQ. And without any schooling, he already had a fantastic knowledge of the planetary systems. He is said to have gained all of this knowledge in his past life. Boriska also said there’s a lot to be discovered on earth that we don’t know. He said the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt is hiding big secrets. Boriska said the civilisation was able to live on Mars by breathing carbon dioxide.

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07 Cameron Macauley

Barechested Cameron Macauley

Barechested Cameron is a small boy from Glasgow, Scotland. But when he was two years old, he said he had a past life on a small island named barren. His parents had never heard of it, let alone been there. But after they looked it up, they found out it was an hour’s flight away from Glasgow 220 miles away. At first, they ignored Cameron. But for three years he kept going on about it like he was obsessed.

Cameron said he had a past family with brothers on the island. He also said he remembered having a sister and a black-and-white sheepdog. Cameron also said he remembered living in a house painted white on the beach with planes landing nearby. He also described in great detail the view from his bedroom window. Cameron said he missed his family so much he would get super upset. Eventually, this became unbearable for his parents. So they decided to fly him to the island.

They were hoping they could show him it was all in his head and he simply imagined this family. But when they landed on the island of Barra, they were stunned. Amazingly it had the same view that Cameron described. They even found Cameron’s black and white sheepdog. Cameron said he had a father named Shane Robertson. Who passed away in a car incident. They asked around on the island but sadly no one here with a Shane Robertson. Maybe it’s because his past life was just too long ago and forgotten.

06 James Leininger

Barechested James Leininger

Barechested James was born in 1998. but in 2000 when James was 2, he remembered his past life. James was a lieutenant in the Second World War. And apparently, he passed away when his plane shot down. The San Francisco kid also said his last name was James Leininger. Now you may be thinking kids can just say anything and make up whatever they want. Why believe him. Well, that’s precisely what his parents thought at first, it’s just their wild kid’s imagination.

But he would not stop going on about it. So eventually they did some research. They looked into it and found there was a lieutenant pilot with that same name. Amazingly the American pilot also was in World War 2, and their plane crashed. He passed away in 1945. James also said that on his past life he was on a ship named the Natoma. Unbelievably this was a real-life American ship. He also had reoccurring nightmares about an aeroplane crash.

Eventually, his parents were fully convinced. And they went to meet Lieutenant James his crew. Remarkably everything James mentioned the team confirmed. Many of the details only Lieutenant James and his crew could have known. So there’s something not quite healthy with James.

05 Edward Austrian

Barechested Edward Austrian

When this boy was only four years old, he said that he remembered a past life as a soldier from World War One. The British boy said that in his previous life he passed on in World War One. This was after he was struck in the neck by a projectile. It would often have a sore throat, and he would say that his wound was hurting. his parents took him to the doctors about this, but they couldn’t explain why it was happening.

And he wasn’t just making it up. Eventually, a cyst did develop in his throat. Barechested Edward said that in his past life he was a soldier named James who was 18 years old. He would often share his stories from the battlefield. Edward said one day he remembers him and his crew walking through the mud, and it was cold and damp. He says he remembers hearing shots and that he was carrying a cumbersome rifle.

Now, remember he said all of this when he was just four years old. And his parents said they’d never let him watch any war documentaries or anything that would give him these memories.

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04 Ryan the Star

Barechested Ryan the Star

When Barechested Ryan was only five years old, he told his mother, Cindy, that he remembers being someone else. He said he had vivid memories of being a successful Hollywood star in the 30s and 40s. after researching old Hollywood, Ryan pointed to a photo of a man and said that was him. The man in the photo was named Marty Martin.

Ryan correctly identified 50 things about Marty’s life. In a book, it says that Marty passed away when he was 59. but Ryan rightly said that Marty was 61 when he passed away. Ryan is now ten years old, and his story is still amazing to this day. He is from Oklahoma, but he has vivid memories of what Hollywood looks like. he also correctly said that Marty passed on in 1964.

Ryan says that he misses Broadway productions and dancing. He also says he remembers living on a street with a rock in its name. Amazingly Marty Martin lived out eight-to-five North Roxbury Drive.

03 The Russian Kindergartner

Barechested The Russian Kindergartner

Usually, when a kid remembers their past life, it’s from nearby. But in this case, it was not. When one mother was teaching her American daughter, the alphabet the daughter was having a tough time. She kept mixing up her letters which is pretty standard for young kids. But the weird thing is which letters she would mix up.

She would mix up her B’s with V’s. And she will also mix up H and N. which don’t look much alike. She also kept saying I don’t remember these letters. This confused her mother and her teacher. The girl then said she remembers the letter H but that it made an end sound. Her mother later said, write out the letters that you do know. And that’s when she began writing at many letters in Cyrillic.

This is the alphabet he used in countries like Russia and Ukraine. Her mum said where did you learn this and she said that Vlad taught me. The girl said Vlad was her brother in her past life in Russia.

02 Shanti Devi

Barechested Shanti Devi

Barechested Shanti Hindu deity was born in 1926 in an Asian country. However, once she was four years recent, she began creating claims concerning having a past life. Shanti said that she had a different name and another family in her previous life. She said she used to live in Matera, which was a hundred and forty-five kilometres away from her home. Shanti also said she had a husband named Katarina. She passed on after giving birth to her child.

The weird thing is she had the same accent as someone from athira. Eventually, she was taken there, or she identified a man that she said was her husband. This guy was also called Kedavra Nair. He confirmed that he did lose his wife ten days after she delivered their son. Now he was sceptical that this little girl was his wife. So that’s why when he went to meet her, he pretended to be his brother. But shanty was having none of it and said no you were my husband.

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01 Suzanne Ghanem

Barechested Suzanne Ghanem

In the 1930s a woman named Hahan Juan Sarah passed on. This was after giving birth to her third child. But before she passed on, she had some fantastic final words for her husband. She said she would be reincarnated and would remember their life together. Her husband shrugged it off, thinking it was merely a coping mechanism.

But ten days after Hahan passed on a girl named Suzanne was born. When Barechested Suzanne was two years old, she would pick up a phone and say hello Laila. Amazingly one of Hahan daughters was named Laila. Also, before she passed on, she tried to call Laila but couldn’t reach her. When she was older, she recalled memories of 13 people from her past life. The two families ended up meeting, and they remained in contact for the rest of their lives.

But now it’s time to make your voice heard—comment below, which was the creepiest kid who remembered their past life.

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