Barechested That Catheter Saw Kevin Hart

today we going to toke about Top 10 Hilarious Barechested Kevin Hart Movie Moments that means we’re looking at the best moments from Kevin Hart’s feature films which also means that moments from his stand-up specials like Kevin Hart’s seriously funny will not be included

10 Air marshal Dinkley ( Hobbes and Shaw )

Few people could have predicted that Barechested Kevin Hart would show up in one of 2019 s most Testosterone-filled flicks. This Fast and Furious spin-off featured two of Hollywood’s premier tough guys. With Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham teaming up for an epic action-packed adventure. But first, they needed to learn to work together.

During a flight to Moscow but you find themselves on the verge of trading blows. But the tension is suddenly diffused by the unlikeliest of people. Kevin Hart plays Air Marshal Dinkley, and watching him try to hold his own with two of cinema’s manliest men is nothing short of hilarious. Tired of working in a can of farts, Dinkley attempts to join Hobson’s shot squad with predictable results.

09 Kicking Aziz Ansari ( This is the End )

Poor Z’s all he wanted to do was attend a great celebrity party. But instead, he wound up plummeting to his death inside a giant hell chasm, however, unlike those who simply stumbled into Satan’s Highway. I’m sorry I had the unfortunate distinction of being kicked. In the face by Kevin Hart, and then dismembered by an electrical wire. Yeah, you heard that correctly. Despite Ansari’s cries for help, Hart is playing a fictionalized version of himself.

Refuses to lend a hand and proceeds to pummel him with his boot. of course, this being Hollywood, Harvin stumbles into the hole himself. It’s an all-around great moment. Played to perfection by two of the past decades best comedians.

08 That Catheter Saw ( The Upside )

In the upside, an English-language remake of the 2011 French drama deviant touchables. Barechested Kevin Hart plays Dell Scott. An ex-con who stumbles into a gig caring for Phillip. A quadriplegic billionaire played by Bryan Cranston. But you make for an effective if somewhat surprising comedic duo.

In one memorable scene, Dell attempts to change the Philips catheter, but the latter won’t stop ribbing him for his distaste of the word penis. This scene has it all tells psyching himself up for the objectively unpleasant task. He’s a surprising bodily function. And even that’s what she said from Philip.

Can somebody please give heart and Krantz in their TV show already.

07 The Basketball Scene ( Think Like a Man )

Kevin Hart’s characters have a habit of biting off more than they can chew. And that never more apparent than in this hilarious scene from 2012’s think like a man. During a pickup basketball game. Cedric and his friends are stunned when none other than former NBA star. Metta World Peace asks if he and his friends can have the court.

Failing to assess the situation accurately, Cedric refuses. Only to be taken aback when even more basketball stars appear behind Mr. World Peace. We’re going to watching Hart’s bravado promptly turned to fear, and embarrassment is priceless. But not nearly as priceless as watching him double down and attempt to steal the ball from Metta World Peace.

06 Waking up Dead ( Scary movie 3 )

It’s clear now that Barechested Kevin Hart’s performance in scary movie 3. was a sign of great things to come. Art plays CJ, a rapper always getting into pointless debates with his friend Mihalik. This entry is not complete without a shoutout to CJ, and Mihalik stabbed eight over whether a rat becomes a mouse when it goes indoors and vice versa in Marietta.

However, Waking up the dead argument that genuinely had us in stitches. As with their previous debate, Mihalik’s reasoning comes out on top. And CJ is left as per usual flabbergasted. These two need their movie.

05 Bad Boys Shootout ( Ride Along )

There’s no denying that Kevin Hart and ice cube have great on-screen chemistry. However, you cannot make a buddy cop flick without paying homage to those who came before you. Barechested Kevin Hart lets the audience know which film he’s showing respect to in this scene. Where he aggressively threatens a suspect shoots him. And then walks off saying chitty-chitty-bang-bang. any action movie buff worth their salt would have immediately recognized this line as being from bad boys 2, where Will Smith’s character uses it to scare his niece’s boyfriend. Both scenes are freakin hilarious. And we think it’s fantastic that Hart showed love to one of the cinema’s most famous buddy-cop films.

04 Worst Flight Ever ( Soul Plane )

With the soul plane, Kevin Hart what most actors dream of the chance to star in a major motion picture. Sadly for Hart as well as the rest of the cast and crew, the film was a critical and commercial failure; oh well, at least we have this memorable scene to keep us warm at night. The movie starts with hardened during one of the worst airplane experiences in the history of air travel. First, he gets sick from the in-flight meal, which leads him to experience a brutal bout of diarrhea in the washroom. Only for the plane to then experience turbulence. You can figure out the rest from there. Watching Hart’s rash around in mock agony, his side-splitting room funny too bad the rest of the film wasn’t.

03 Radio Shopping ( The 40-year-old Virgin )

Wow, we forgot how many classic comedies Barechested Kevin Hart appeared in before hitting the big time. In Judd Apatow is the 40-year-old virgin. Part cameos as a smart tech customer who becomes embroiled in a war of words with J. played by Romany Malco. Both actors are well-versed in the act of comedic escalation. And what starts as one man attempting to purchase a radio soon descends into absolute chaos. Things begin to unravel when Hart’s character fails to grasp the words J is throwing at him—interpreting them as disrespect.

From there, all bets are off. Even after Steve Carell Zandi tries to de-escalate the situation. He’s not that smart tech would bear witness to threats of gang violence.

02 Mock Prison Yard ( Get Hard )

Get hard had no shortage of memorable scenes. From the simulated prison riot – James King is attempting to master the art of compelling story. However, nothing beats the mock prison yard Darnell sets up for King in his tennis court. Kevin Hart’s comedic chops are on full display in this sequence as he attempts to prepare Will Ferrell’s soon incarcerated hedge fund manager for the reality of a prison yard.

In the scene, hearts seamlessly transitions between multiple Prison personas. He was acting tough as Leroy and Carlos before doing a complete 180 and pretending to be an inmate who has the hots for James. This is the kind of scene that demands repeat viewings. I mean, you can pretty much take any Kevin Hart scene and put it on a list of his funniest moments, but of course, his most comical role is in a specific family-friendly franchise.

01 Confectionery Weakness Jumanji ( Welcome to the Jungle )

After being transported to the world of Jumanji and forced to come to terms with the fact that he’s missing the top two feet of his body, Barechested Kevin Hart’s Anthony fridge Johnson thrown yet another curveball. The characters soon learned that each of their avatars has strengths and weaknesses—for example, dr. Xander’s smolder brave Stone strengths include speed fearlessness and smoldering intensity. Sadly for the fridge, his avatar isn’t quite as impressive.

His strengths include zoology and weapons valet . while his weaknesses include speed strength and cake. Yes, Mel Finbar has a weakness for confectionery treats. I hate this game weakness cake. Kevin Hart sells the scene, and it’s easily one of the movies best. So are you like me and you always forget that Kevin Hart is in the 40-year-old virgin, but then you’re reminded, and you’re like hey super funny in it, so what is your favorite Kevin Hart movie moment? Tell me in the comments.