01. Lisa Bonnett Meet Jason Momoa after she goes to the Met Gala with her ex

Bonnet and her husband Jason Momoa went out to support Zoe Kravitz at the LA premiere of the film. Mad Max Fury Road. Bonnett Dressed a long beaded gown, and the pair posed on the red carpet as Zoey did. Lisa joined the former Game of Thrones star after attending the Met Gala with her ex-husband. Lenny Kravitz in NYC on Monday and Before joining Zoe. They walked up the red carpet and shared a picture of friendly past lovers. Where they shared even more cute photos. The following night, a family of three reunited and posted sweet family photos after Lenny’s concert in Manhattan. Keep reading to see Lisa, Jason, and Zoe on the red carpet.

Lisa Bonnett and Jason Momoa barechested Image Collection

02. This May be the most interesting double date in the history of double dating

Zoe Kravitz received the support of her loved ones at the InStyle Awards in LA on Monday, October 26, 2015. The actress and singer accompanied by her boyfriend. Musician Twin Shadow, as well as her mother Lisa Bonnett and stepfather Jason Momoa for the big event.

Zoe showed off the sweet PDA with her husband. Lisa and Jason Momoa did. and posed for photos with her look-like mother. Inside, Lisa Zoe presented with a fast-fashioned star award, and the two shared a cute smile on stage. One of the best looking double dates we have ever seen. Scroll through for more photos from Zoe’s glamorous night with her mother. Then see some more famous kids who look like their parents.

03. See the glory of Jason Momoa’s Barechested workout progress photos.

In case you haven’t noticed, Jason Momoa has recently been to the gym. Hard. The former Game of Thrones hottie, often dressed in jeans, has used all sorts of fun exercises to adjust to his new role as Aquaman, and it certainly pays off.

Based on his latest series of progress photographs, Momoa is undoubtedly in the physical shape of a superhero. Run by a trainer (and pro-rock climber), Momoa uses bodyweight workshops, heavyweight training and a proper diet (along with his favorite beer, Guinness) to get his results. So let’s appreciate his hard work. Come forward. You deserve it.

04. Jason Momoa exceeded our expectations as Aquaman

When Comic-Con Gods (or in this case, Demi-Gods) give, they give generously – this year, the first trailer for the Justice League is the highest-gifted gift we’ve ever offered.

While we are reasonably excited about the videos of Cyborg, Wonder Woman, Batman, and The Flash, it’s no secret that we were eager to taste Jason Momoa’s Aquaman glory. Well, folks, the time has come: grab yourself a drink of high water, a fragrant salt, and an ice bath, because Jason has always had a vision of the role he meant to play.

05. Here are ten places you should have seen, except for Jason Momoa’s Game of Thrones

Jason Momoa’s sexy exercise videos and sweet family moments are easy to come by, but don’t forget that he finds time to work on several cool projects, including his humorous interviews and outdoor adventures. We fell in love with him as Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones and can’t wait to see Aquaman – 2 bring him to the big screen, but Momoa has plenty of other work under his belt. You can stream some of them on Netflix.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your weekend high-end viewing session, or want to enjoy a blast from Jason’s past, check out these ten projects you may remember seeing him. If that’s not enough for you, try merely staying warm for a while.

01. Baywatch Hawaii 

In his 44-episode run on Baywatch, the young Momoa stars as Jason Ione, a passionate lifeguard who struggles to connect with his Hawaiian heritage. This role is not far from real life!

02. Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice

Momoa briefly stars as Aquaman in Batman vs. Superman, his role for Justice League in 2017, and a solo Aquaman film in 2018

03. The Red Road – Jason Momoa

The drama, available for stream on Netflix, stars Momoa as Native American tribal member Philippe Copas, who clashes with a local police officer.

04. Road to Paloma – Jason Momoa

Momoeva wrote, directed, and starred in the film, which follows a Native American cyclist after avenging his mother’s wrongdoing. It has some of the anarchy vibes and plays Momoa’s wife, Lisa Bonnet.

05. Tempted

Made for television by a married woman, the film’s love, family, and disbelief fall in love with the beloved islander Kala (Momoa).

06. North Shore

The show features Frankie Seo, a dear friend, and nightclub manager at the Hawaii resort, Momoa.

07. Stargate: Atlantis

Momoa played Ronan Dex in Stargate: Atlantis from 2005 to 2009 and won hearts as a widowed Zetadan with a disturbing past. Honestly, even if you are not involved in science fiction, this is worth watching as the horror of his former glory.

08. Bullet to the Head

If you ever wanted to watch Sylvester Stallone and Jason Momoa, the 2012 film Bullet to the Head is for you. Momoa plays Keegan, a mercenary in New Orleans, and has plenty of fight scenes to keep you entertained.

09. Drunk History

In the Comedy Central show, Momoa recreated two ridiculously different characters: Olympic gold medalist Jim Thorpe in 2014 and French-American pirate Jean Lafitte in 2015. ”

10. Conan the Barbarian

Jason Momoa revived Conan’s role in 2011, using swords and attacking enemies. A shirt without all the convenience. (We don’t complain.)