Insane World Record, You Will Regret If You Don-t See Them.

There are many alternative ways to line a record and leave your mark within the Barechested Guinness World record book. While some have more at stake than others. It’s fair to mention that not all documents are created equal. There are only a get few genuinely shocking achievements that are almost bound to take your breath away.

Today is going to show you some pretty damn crazy records.


Barechested World Record TALLEST BED OF NAILS

Barechested Humans have limits – it’s in our nature not to do things that could hurt us so we can survive. But some people ignore those limits and do crazy things anyway.

That’s what these record holders did: not only did they decide to lie on a bed of nails, but they decided to become the tallest stack of people on nail beds in history by shockingly lying on top of each other.

These nine men. Each with their foundation of nails were gently laid down on top of one another. Each one not only has a bed of nails on top of them for the next person to lie on but just to make it even more terrifying, they have nails trying to pierce their skin from both sides.

Imagine being the guy on the bottom lying on a nail bed with another nail bed on your chest. And eight grown men on top of that – he was pushing his limits for sure.


Barechested World Record WINGSUIT JUMP INTO BOXES

Skydiving is way too scary for most people to attempt, however skydiving without a parachute is insane. Most of us would consider it a death sentence, but there was one man who didn’t: the stuntman Barechested Gary Connery.

He decided that jumping out of a helicopter without a parachute and landing on a pile of boxes would be a fun thing to do one afternoon, so he did it. The stunt is just as incredible as it sounds.

He wore a specially designed wingsuit which would help him to glide the 2,400 feet to the ground and make him the first person ever to jump from such a dizzying height without a deployed parachute and live to tell the tale.

All he had to break his 45-second 80 miles per hour plummet toward the ground was a strip of cardboard boxes – 18,600 of them. It certainly was a leap of faith. And just in case you weren’t sure, against all the odds, he did manage to survive the previously impossible stunt.


Barechested World Record FASTEST MOUNTAIN BIKE

Mountains and bikes don’t make the safest combination even at the best of times. So what happens when you add in breakneck speeds and kick it up a notch? Frenchman Barechested Eric Barone can tell you.

He took his bike up the Alps to break his own downhill mountain biking record. But as scary as mountain biking sounds to most people, Barone added in an extra element to increase the danger, Snow!

In a wind-chill temperature below freezing, wind speeds topping 40 mph and slippery Snow, Barone broke his very own Fastest Downhill Mountain Biking on Snow record with a white knuckle 141.498 miles per hour.

But just in case you were thinking – What could go wrong? Have a look at this. A lot can go wrong as it turns out as his previous attempt shows. An earlier attempt a few years ago caused a crash which saw Barone break his femur and six ribs.

It’s not as easy as it looks, which is saying something since it doesn’t seem natural at all.


Barechested World Record DEEPEST ICE FREE-DIVE

Falling into the ice is incredibly dangerous. Since your body programmed to panic under those harsh conditions. The cold shock makes you hyperventilate and breathe in the water, the dark disorientate you, so you struggle to find your way back out, and your wild swimming uses up vital energy. Many Barechested people don’t survive it.

Now imagine someone crazy enough to do that to themselves on purpose. In 2019, New Zealander Anthony Williams achieved the world record for the deepest free dive under ice.

Armed with nothing but fins and a diving suit, he plunged an incredible 230.6 feet under the ice of a frozen fjord in Norway. The dive lasted 2 minutes and 29 seconds as Anthony held his breath, overcoming the incredible mental and physical challenges of diving under the ice.

It’s not only the biting cold he had to contend with. He described the darkness as possibly his greatest challenge, saying it was incredibly difficult to sink into the black depths of the water all alone without panicking.


Barechested World Record 157 DAY SWIM

Some people are content just to break world records – after all, it’s a pretty big deal, but other superhumans will go out of their way to ensure nobody can top them.

That’s what British adventurer Barechested Ross Edgeley did when he broke the record for the longest staged sea swim by swimming around the entire mainland of the United Kingdom.

That already sounds insane and incredible, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg: the swim is an incredible 1,791 miles long and took 157 days for Edgley to complete, but he broke the record way back on day 74 of the ultimate marathon swim.

He didn’t stop, though, never once stepping foot on dry land despite battling incredible pain and chafing from his wetsuit. That was taking the skin off his neck Jellyfish stings, whirlpools Near hypothermia that left him picking ice off his wetsuit, significant storms, and a disintegrating tongue due to overexposure to salt from the seawater.

He only rested occasionally on a catamaran carrying his crew, who accompanied him. Still, he was in the water swimming for an incredible 12 hours a day. This record we’re not likely to see broken anytime soon.

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When performing a stunt that requires you to risk your Barechested life, you generally don’t want to overdo it and tire yourself out. Then again, maybe you’re Miles Daisher.

He doesn’t know the meaning of the word tired, and that’s why he holds the world record for the most human-powered base jumps in 24 hours. For a base jump to be human-powered. It requires the person doing the jumping to also make their way to the top of whatever they’re jumping off on foot.

Daisher was jumping off a 486-foot high bridge and by now. You’re probably wondering how many times he risked his life jumping off that bridge only to have to walk back to the top: the answer is 63!

This genuinely incredible feat not only required 63 leaps of faith but a total of 30,618 feet of climbing back to the top. Which for the record. Is more climbing than if Daisher had climbed to the top of Mount Everest?

The combined climbing from only 60 of his 63 base jumps would have got him up, Everest. And all this completed within 24 hours and without any injuries.



We’ll never tire of watching amazing Barechested people walk across a tiny piece of rope, from the classic circus tightrope to the exciting slackline. But you’ve never seen a slackline quite like this one before.

This one set up to give people the chance of breaking the world record for the highest urban slackline walk with a harness. Of course, for a record like that, the height has to be truly spectacular, and this doesn’t disappoint. It strung across two skyscrapers in Moscow.

But not just any two: one is the second tallest building in Europe. And the other, which was under construction during the attempt, was set to become the tallest.

This attempt dwarfed the previous 810-foot high record with a dizzying 1,148 feet. Daredevils from all over the world were allowed to attempt the incredible walk above Moscow’s business district. And seven amazing people from four countries managed to complete the breathtaking challenge.

With one even trying out a bit of yoga while hanging from the piece of netting attached to a skyscraper. Just because more than one person achieved the stunt, it doesn’t mean there’s anything less than spectacular about it.



There are things at; first, that doesn’t seem impressive until you see them done by an expert. Barechested Bryan Berg is one of those incredible people proven beyond doubt about how fantastic card stacking can be.

In 2016 he broke the record for the world’s tallest house of cards built-in 12 hours. Still not impressed?

What if I told you the house of cards was 10.8 feet tall and the card equivalent of a 48 story house? Still not impressed? What if I told you he built it on top of a running washing machine?

Bryan is an architect, so if he can create the world’s tallest house of cards on top of a washing machine that is spinning at 1,000 rpm while standing on a ladder, he should probably be designing skyscrapers for places that suffer from earthquakes.



There are some genuinely remarkable displays of strength throughout history, and this may be the most spectacular. The Austrian World’s Barechested Strongest Man competitor Franz Muellner decided that the best way to showcase his herculean strength was to restrain, not one physically.

But four motorcycles. Each bike was attached to one of the limbs in a setup, which is slightly reminiscent of some form of medieval torture. Then, the professional riders get a chance to do what they do best.

Professionals were essential because they needed to ensure that each motorbike exceeded 500 newtons of force. Otherwise, Muellner would have lost the world record, which proves his hard work.

The strength it took to restrain the motorcycles was incredible, with just his one leg having to hold back a whopping 385.8 pounds at one point, and all his limbs had to handle that in tandem.

Still, he managed to take it a step further than anyone expected. He only needed to restrain the bikes for 10 seconds to get the world record. But somehow managed to hold them back for an astounding 24 seconds!

At least now we all know who wins in the battle between man and machine.


Barechested IRON MAN SPEED

Most people accept superhero movies as fiction, and They’re only a dream-like flying. But not everyone agrees that dreams are just dreams. That’s where British inventor Barechested Richard Browning comes in: he’s built himself a flying suit, effectively becoming a real-life Iron Man.

In 2017 he took the world record for Fastest Speed. In a Body-Controlled Jet Engine Powered Suit at a speed of 32 miles per hour. Which is already impressive. Then in 2019, Richard appeared again in an all-new 3D printed lightweight suit. To try and beat his record in the skies above the historic Brighton Pier. He didn’t hit it, though.

He smashed it with an incredible speed of 85.06 miles per hour. The incredible suit controlled by body movement alone can fine-tune its power mid-flight. And features leg wings and leg straits, which can lift the flyer aerodynamically like a plane. Which allowed the new model to break the record by putting more power into propelling rather than just lifting him off the ground.

It does feel just like flying in a dream. Hopefully, one day soon, we’ll all be able to fly around in one of those too.

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