Innocent people released from prison after being found not guilty

Of course, if you do something seriously wrong, you’re going to get sent down for prison a long time. Sometimes this means life behind bars. But there are many instances of people who got life sentences being found not guilty. And sometimes their wrongful convictions are only overturned after many years or decades.

Who knows how many people are locked up right now who are innocent. Here are some true stories of people who spent years behind bars before being found not guilty. And also their emotional reactions in court to the news. Today we’re going to look at people found not guilty after serving life sentences.

01 Davontae Sanford

Barechested Davontae Sanford

Barechested Davontae Sanford was just 14 in 2007. that’s when police found him in his pyjamas near the scene of a crime. It was very near to where four bodies had found. After two days of interrogations, Devante confessed. But around a decade later in 2016, he walked out of prison a free man. He was 23 years old by the time he let out. And it turned out that he’d been telling the truth all along That he didn’t do it. The only reason he confessed to the crime is that he pretty much coerced into doing so. He’d been interrogated repeatedly over two days. For without an attorney or even a parent present. His confession also made no sense, and he got more wrong than right in it.

Always imagine how scared you’d be as a fourteen-season-aged in this model. When Devante let out, his mum began screaming and crying in court. And it’s only thanks to fantastic pro bono lawyers who took this case on as to why he was released. his lawyers worked tirelessly for barely any money. What’s so scary is when Devante was 14 he sentenced to 90 years in prison. So if he weren’t released, he would have spent his entire life behind bars. If that doesn’t give you nightmares, I don’t know what will.

02 Andre Hatchett

Barechested Andre Hatchett

In 1991 Barechested Andre was walking around in New York. He was on crutches because of an injury. And he only had an IQ of 63. as well as a reading and writing age of a first-grader. Bird police officers found him in a park and arrested him. That’s because he was quite near to where a woman had passed away. Andre was located very near to the scene of the passing of Barechested Needham May Carter. He coerced into saying that he was guilty. After all, he had such a low IQ; he didn’t know what was going on.

He ended up being sentenced to a lifetime in prison and spent 25 years behind bars. But in 2016 he was finally exonerated after 25 years in prison. After he was found not guilty, he cried tears of joy in court. He also said I just know I’m not the only one. There’s still lots of innocent people in jail.

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03 Lawrence McKinney

Barechested Lawrence McKinney

Barechested Lawrence McKinney is now 60 years old and comes from Tennessee USA. in 1978 he was arrested and convicted. That was for stealing a TV from a woman. And he also apparently did some unspeakable things to the woman. For doing this, Lawrence sentenced to 115 years behind bars. He got 15 years for stealing the TV in a hundred years for what he did to the woman. But in 2009 31 years later some new DNA evidence came about. The DNA evidence uncovered that Lawrence was not even on the scene. Later on that year in 2009 he was finally released. But this was after 31 years in prison for doing nothing wrong.

And as compensation, all he has given was a measly 75 dollars. That works out to two dollars and 40 cents for every year he was in prison. He said he was happy to be released but says most of his life has taken away. Right now his lawyer is trying to get him 1 million dollars of compensation. But I think even a million dollars is way too low for what he had to go through. I hope he gets a lot more money later on. But also if he does nothing can get back that lost time.

04 Craig Koli

Barechested Craig Koli

Forty years ago Barechested Creek Koli was living in California USA. in 1978 he was arrested and convicted of taking two lives. Those lives were his 24-year-old girlfriend warned witch. And also her four-year-old son Simi Valley. But 40 years later in 2018, he was found to be wrongfully convicted. It turned out the district attorney at the time cited false evidence. As compensation, he got $140 for each day he was behind bars. But he said that does not make up for it because every day was a living nightmare.

He went into prison when he was 30 he’s now 70. It means a gigantic chunk of his life taken away stolen. It’s now likely that he’ll have spent more time in prison Sam is a free man in his entire life. In total, his compensation added up to about two million dollars. But that was after spending 14,000 days in prison. Craig says that money cannot make up for that lost time.

05 The Cleveland Trio

Barechested The Cleveland Trio

In 1975 three men in Cleveland Ohio were put in prison. Including Barechested Ricky Jackson, Barechested Wiley Bridgman and his brother Barechested Kwame assuming. They had taken someone’s life. But in 2014 this was found not to be accurate. After spending 39 years in prison, they cleared of all charges. They were in their 20s when they went to jail. But they’re now all in their 60s. As compensation, they were given 18 million dollars. However, they said the money could not buy freedom, and money certainly does not make their innocence. One of them told what 39 years of your life worth is. No one can put a number on that.

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06 Luis Vargas

Barechested Luis Vargas

In 1999 Barechested Luis Vargas was sentenced to 55 years in prison. For three counts of assault. Three different victims identified Luis because of a tattoo he had. It was a popular design a teardrop tattoo. Despite his conviction, he always said he was innocent. He appeared many times, but every single one rejected. That’s any time he got into contact with the Ca Innocence venture. They retested the original DNA evidence. And amazingly they found it did not match Luis. In 2015 after serving 16 years, he released as a free man. But if the California Innocence Project didn’t step in, he’d have spent 55 years in prison.

His reaction was one of enormous relief. And when he was finally released, his daughter cried. That’s because she was so sure that her father was innocent. She’d even waited to get married until after he was released so that he could be at the wedding.

07 Kirstin Lobato

Barechested Kirstin Lobato

On the 8th of July 2001, this young girl sentenced to life in prison. Barechested Kirsten was only 18 years old at the time. But this did not matter to the Las Vegas court as she was given 100 years to life. They claimed that she had taken some life for no reason. Is because she was found near to where a man was not alive. also days before this, Kristen jumped. By a similar-looking man – the one found. It happened to Kristen at a motel, and she was able to defend herself using a blank. Now the man who tried to jump Kristen ran off. But Kristen made the mistake of not reporting this to the police. Instead, she told a friend about it who did report it to the police.

This led police to think Kirsten was responsible for the body which turned up near the motel. Also, she was not sober at the time she arrested. Got them to get her to confess to the crime wrongly. They had no evidence against her, and this was all they had. But after 16 years behind bars, she was finally found not guilty. That’s because the man that she defended herself from came forward.

The body the police found was something unrelated. Kristen had nothing to do with it but still spent 16 years in prison. The craziest part about this is Kristen had an alibi the entire time. But sadly the prosecutors did not believe it. Now there is a silver lining on this which is Kristen was very young when she went to prison. It means that she still has a lot of life left despite spending 16 years in prison.

08 Wilbert Jones

Barechested Wilbert Jones

In 1971 this man was sentenced to life in prison in Louisiana. He did some terrible things to a female nurse. When he was arrested and given life in prison, he was only 19. and the only reason he went to jail was that he matched in a police liner. He was picked out of a police lineup by the nurse, but the nurse was wrong. At the time, the nurse even told cops that the person who did this to her was way taller than Barechested Wilbert. And apparently, the person also had a different voice. But no one listened to the nurse, and Wilbert sentenced to life. The entire time his family said that he did not do this.

And eventually, they partnered up with the New Orleans Innocence Project. He was later found not guilty and hugged his lawyers when he told the news. And yet it had been following he expended 50 a very long time in prison. He’s now in his 60s and is said to be very frail an agent. The nurse who was involved passed away in 2008. but the nurse’s late husband said he agrees with Wilbert that he didn’t do it.

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09 Suzan Mellon


Barechested Susan Mellon freed from prison in 2014. after 17 years for allegedly taking a life. She is from Los Angeles and had sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. She had born the life of a hitchhiker named Barechested Richard Daley in 1997. all thanks to the testimony of an alleged witness. But her defence said that there were many inconsistencies with this witness. Susan had three kids when she went to prison. And this meant that the eldest had to look after the rest of her kids while she was jail.

Susan melon was overwhelmed when Suzan finally freed. Amazingly despite spending so many years locked up, she said that she never lost hope that one day she would be a free woman. Eventually, it found that three gangsters were responsible for the crime, not Susan. And later on, one of them was convicted—her grandchild Aiden for the first time he took to me like now.

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