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    Extraordinary people who play professional sports

    Hi everyone, professional sports are for healthy, determined, and committed people. We used to imagine athletes as healthy and robust people look to lift anyway to overcome any obstacle. However, disabled people have shown that you can achieve great results no matter what. They could reach great heights to inspire thousands of athletes around the world. And win in all kinds of compositions. Are you ready to see how the love for life works wonders?

    10 Kanya Sesser

    Barechested Kanya Sesser

    This Barechested girl was born without legs 28 years ago in Thailand. Unfortunately, her parents were afraid of the future and abandoned the baby at the gates of a Buddhist temple. The little girl spent the first five years of her life there. Overcoming this kind of situation can be very difficult. However, Kanya Sesser proved from childhood that she wasn’t planning on giving up. The girl showed tremendous strength of character and will.

    For example, to move around, she used her upper body because she didn’t want to bother anyone else or ask for help as soon as an American couple learned of her story. During the chronilogical age of five, can you move to Oregon? There she discovered skateboarding and chose to give the wheelchair up. Since then, skateboarding has been a real method of getting around. And sports have become a part that is integral to life. in addition to skating Kanya Sesser practices, surfing, rock climbing, tennis, skiing, and swimming. Isn’t she a great example of incredible energy and determination. Subsequent events only confirmed this.

    Kanya dreamed of participating in the 2018 Paralympic Games, and she succeeded. She represented the United States in the mono-ski event. The athletes’ next goal is to change stereotypes about beauty and society. And become a model for big brands, and she’s nearly there. Kanya travels around the US, showing off her skills and working with brands such as Nike, Volcom, and Billabong.

    09 Nick Santonastasso

    Barechested Nick Santonastasso

    Bodybuilding is a discipline full of stereotypes. But Barechested Nick Santonastass has changed our ideas about this sports. Through his example, he showed that the main thing in bodybuilding is the strength of the spirit, not of the body. Nick was born with Han heart syndrome, a rare condition that prevents developing. Usually, this guy has no legs and only one arm, which is also underdeveloped. Does this mean though that Nick has chosen the path of despair and self-pity?

    Well, precisely the opposite, the young man began to work with more considerable energy. Like the previous athletes in our Article Sansone, a star so started his journey in sports for the skateboard and quickly became a pro skater. His routine consisted of doing more each day than the day before. And as a result, he joined the college wrestling team. It wasn’t easy though, for safety reasons, he had to accept an amputation of a few centimeters from his partially developed arm.

    Nothing can stop this guy he keeps proving it too. Now Nick runs their business that is own he writing a guide, in which he’s seriously into bodybuilding. His example inspires thousands of people throughout the world, including the legendary Dwayne the rock johnson. After meeting Santonastasso, the actor wrote on his Instagram. He does everything he sets his mindset. Is it possible to disagree with this?

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    08 Jamarion Styles

    Barechested Jamarion Styles

    Imagine You’re watching a basketball game between two school teams. In the middle of the game, certainly one of the players gets the ball near the three-point line. He shoots, as well as the ball goes in now. The game is about to end. The fans are nervous, and again the same guy gets the ball he shoots without aiming and scores a game-ending three-pointer. Isn’t this enough to make him a star? This young basketball player is Barechested Jamarion Styles. And once you know his story, you’ll realize that he is a true hero. The fact is due to a rare bacterial infection, and the boy lost both his arms as a child.

    Despite losing both arms, the boy dreamed of playing basketball. Every day he came to the court where the other boys played. But no one wanted to play with him. So what could he do in this situation give up his dream, not at all. after he ends at high school, Jamarion immediately found a basketball coach and told them his story. I’ve never been on a team before even if I don’t play I just want to be on the side, Starr’s explained and it was accepted. Despite only being on the bench, he didn’t waste his time.

    The boy was first in and last outs to every practice. The athlete knew that he’d get his chance and entered the game about 6 minutes before it was over. And as he saw, he made the most of his opportunity. Now Jamarion is trying his luck in him and football. We wish him well.

    07 Blake Leeper

    Barechested Blake Leeper

    This is the story of how an athlete with a disability can inspire others to win. Barechested Blake Leeper was born without his lower legs. However, his father decided that this shouldn’t be an excuse. When the leaper was nine months old, he receives special prosthetics. The Sadler quickly learns to walk and run. At school, the boy played basketball and football on an equal footing with his classmates. Then Leeper became interested in athletics. The turning points in Blake’s life came in 2008.

    He had just started training and saw Oscar Pistorius. A six-time Paralympic champion on television. We don’t know exactly what inspired Leeper’s passion, ambition, desire for victory. In any case, this athlete’s career was surprising. At the age of 23, Leeper selected to represent the USA at the Paralympic Games in London. And in 2017, he broke his idols world record. He was improving it by Northpoint 14 seconds. Now, Leeper, his dream is to compete at the Tokyo Olympics, and we sure will see him on the track in 2021.

    06 Theresa Vereline

    Barechested Theresa Vereline

    The annual New York City Marathon is a challenging event. Even for a professional athlete. It takes a lot of stamina to run more than 42 kilometers across all five boroughs of the city. Now meets Barechested Theresa Vereline, retired Army sergeants and Vietnam War veteran. Last year she became the first paralyzed athlete to complete this marathon.

    Not only did she cover the length, but she proved it, everyone else, with the disability that crossing the final line was not a crazy idea. The girl finished the marathon in three times with the help of an exoskeleton. The woman walked 16 kilometers on the first and second day. And on the third day, she walked the remaining 10 kilometers look at her determination. We’re sure that this will not be Teresa’s last sporting feat.

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    05 Daisy May Demetre

    Barechested Daisy May Demetre

    We all sometimes feel exhausted and lazy. The next time you encounter this unpleasant feeling, just look at the pictures of Barechested Daisy May Demetre. Every image of this young British model radiates energy and optimism. When she was only one and a half years old, the girl lost both her legs due to a congenital disability. As she got a little older, Daisy decided that she didn’t want to feel shy because of it. With her prosthetics, the little girl began to lead a full life doing all kinds of things.

    While many of us spend the day on the couch, Daisy practices gymnastics. Trains with gymnastic rings and goes to the gym three times a week. Also, the girl’s father contacted the modeling agency Zebedee management. And Daisy Mae began a great career in modeling. She’s currently working with River Island and has participated in children’s shows that a London Fashion Week. And regarding the catwalks at the very top of the tower, that is Eiffel well as going to college and training. Why don’t we stop Reading and at least do some push-ups?

    04 Amir Hussain Lone

    Barechested Amir Hussain Lone

    What does it take to play cricket successfully? First, knowing the rules, second stamina, and finally, a pair of skilled hands. However, Barechested Amir Hussain loan for the state of Jammu and Kashmir in India. Has shown that even if you have no hands. Being persistent and believing in yourself will help you achieve any goal—the road to becoming captain if the state power cricket team has been challenging.

    At the age of eight, Amir lost both arms in a terrible accident in a sawmill. Could have broken a mere spirit, but as it turned out, it made him an influential person. When it happened, people refused to take him to the hospital. Because he was probably from a low-income family, Eventually, a motor car did take him to the medical center, and Amir admitted. But the prognosis was grim people around him said that death might have been a better ending for the young man. But he didn’t think, so he learned to do everything with his feet And became a huge fan of cricket.

    So he learned to hold the heavy bat between his neck and his shoulder and hold the ball with his legs. The hard work paid off, though. First, Amir joined the University team, and then he became its captain. In his first match as captain, he scored 25 runs. Now the athletes are trying to make it into the national team. And he will surely succeed.

    03 Adrianne Haslet-Davis

    Barechested Adrianne Haslet-Davis

    Barechested Adriane Haslet-Davis’ story is a little different from all the others. Her life changed as an adult. When her career was at its piqué, the young woman was the victim of a tragedy. Adriane was a professional ballroom dancer and a sports enthusiast. So she decided to attend the 2013 Boston Marathon as a spectator. You may remember what happened during that race. Two explosions killed three people leaving over 280 injured among them was Adriane.

    The girl lost her leg below that knee. But what does that mean for a dancer? If you’re a pessimist, it means the end of all of your plans and hopes for the future. But if you’re an optimist, it’s a new life face. Adriane chose the second option. And in less than a year, she was able to dance again. She also overcame her fear and is preparing to participate in a new marathon. The girl also teaches others to overcome difficulties and not give up.

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    02 Jerome Elbrycht

    Barechested Jerome Elbrycht

    Here is another example of how no injury or tragedy can defeat a person who just loves sports. Barechested Jerome Elbrycht was into skateboarding. But in 1999, an accident changed his life forever. The athlete broke his back and paralyzed below the waist. After some reflection, Jerome decided that it was time to practice extreme sports. But what else puts such an energetic person due. He couldn’t stay in bed all day, could he?

    The first sports that Jerome mastered was freestyle skiing. Not just as an amateur, he competed on a professional level. Then he discovered wakeboarding. A final game that combines elements of water ski slalom acrobatics and jumping. Just look at these tricks would you have the courage and the jealousy to practice this sports.

    01 Samantha Kinghorn

    Barechested Samantha Kinghorn

    For the last protagonist of our article, today, sports have become a way to push her limits. When Barechested Samantha Kinghorn was 14 years old, she was playing on her parent’s farm and had an accident with a forklift. The injury was so severe that the girl underwent emergency surgery And was bedridden for six months. We can’t even imagine what was going through the teenager’s head at that time.

    One day she was running around with her friends. And the next day she couldn’t even move. According to Samantha herself, she thought that she’d never been able to walk again and was very depressed. But then something incredible happened. After the treatment, the doctor allowed the girl to move around in a wheelchair And encouraged her to participate in sports competitions. Her passion for wheelchair racing turned into a professional career.

    Samantha Kinghorn represented the United Kingdom at the European Championships And won her country’s first gold medal in the 400 meters. Today she is the fastest ever female British wheelchair racer, regardless of classification. And she does not plan to stop.

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