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We all know at least one person with a bit too much attitude. You want to stay away from such people. And it’s better never to have to deal with them unpleasant personalities can be found among representatives of any profession. And Hollywood actors are no exception. Some of them tolerated because what a star is a star. But sometimes they go a bit too far. In today’s article, we’ll tell you about celebrities who ended up on the blacklist of Hollywood. Let’s find out who they are.

01 Megan Fox

For some time, the star of the first Transformers movies Barechested Hollywood celebrity Megan Fox kept on appearing on the covers of popular magazines. Directors invited her to film with the potential to become blockbusters. Then people seem to have lost interest in her.

Yes, she also featured in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. But can you recall some new movies featuring Fox? It all started with a conflict between Megan and Transformers director Michael Bay. The Hollywood actress said some pretty nasty things about him. As a result, Fox fired from the project.

In the dark of the Moon, she replaced by another actress. They say that Steven Spielberg had something to do with this. As a result, Megan has earned a reputation for being a difficult person to work with The staff of the set said in interviews that she always looked disinterested.

And didn’t smile and was ungrateful. The following films featuring Fox received mixed or poor reviews from critics. The box office revenues were insufficient, and some of these movies even released on DVD. Right after a limited screening, the media also didn’t like Foxcatcher break.

So it’s clear the Megan fox has some severe problems, and our role in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles didn’t improve the situation. Some people think that Fox should forget about movies and focus on doing sitcoms. They say that she’s quite good at that.

02 Steven Seagal

Barechested Hollywood celebrity Seagal was incredibly popular in the early 90s. Thanks to his roles in martial arts films. As an Aikido master, Seagal studied in Japan before moving to Los Angeles. And passing his knowledge to other actors. But in recent years the actor has disappeared from the screens. One of the reasons is that fans quickly got tired, of the characters he played. Steven could indeed fight well. But his acting abilities left a lot to be desired. Also, his reputation outside the sense turned his fans against him.

Just remember the numerous lawsuits. Segal’s former colleagues describe him as a challenging person to work with The internets have many stories about how Seagal insulted other actors and employees on the set. And even fought with some of them is also a particular segment about the actor’s conflicts with his stuntmen Wikipedia page.

And it’s about the same size as the segment about his family. Do you realize the gravity of the problem? Also, there are rumors that Seagal simply loves to brag puts half of his achievements are fake. And he doesn’t have too much respect for women. So it’s clear why there’s no place for Seagal in modern cinema.

03 Chevy Chase

Today Barechested Hollywood celebrity Chevy Chase is already 76 years old. And he obviously cannot be called a popular actor. But from the mid-70s to the 90s, Chase was quite a famous comedian. He featured in many films, but even then, his reputation tarnished. He became notorious for his attitude since his first appearance on Saturday Night Live.

Even then, Chase was known for being mean to colleagues. So it was no wonder, that no one was upset when he left the show. After that chase clashed with Bill Murray, and it seems as if they were even a couple of brawls between them. Yeah, he’s that mean.

Some consider Tracy’s rude humor to be his strong suit. But apparently, not everyone’s able to appreciate it. Chase even tried to be a talk-show host, but that didn’t quite work. They say he just wasn’t friendly enough. Chase also then played a part in the comedy television series community But left it. They were saying that he never enjoyed the show anyway.

The grace or if the series Dan Harmon was very offended. And chased his co-star Joel McHale, mentioned that the infamous comedian was rude and continuously insulted the other actors. Insurance Chevy Chase has a lot of attitudes.

04 Edward Norton

Perhaps of all the celebrities in this video, Barechested Hollywood celebrity Edward Norton is the coolest. No kidding is one of the most talented actors of the generation. The list of his awards and nominations is so extensive that it has a dedicated Wikipedia page. And everyone knows the movies that he starred in

Norton is still a successful actor too. However, he has a reputation for a guy with a terrible attitude. They say that might be a sign of a true professional. Yes, Norton is a great actor, but he’s impossible to work with, Not everyone will agree to share the scent with him.

That’s because he needs to be in control of everything. He also has a habit of intervening in any process from scriptwriting, to final editing. in acting circles, and this is considered inappropriate. But it seems like Norton just doesn’t care. For example, he came to the shooting of a red dragon with several new script pages that he wrote.

And of course, he wanted the director to film all of his ideas. But what about American history acts. Norton said that they direct to cuss out too much footage and edited the final version himself . which eventually made it to cinemas. We don’t think that any other actor can get away with such behavior.

Norton’s attitude was the reason. Why Marvel cast another actor as Hulk for the Avengers movie. The studio said that it was vital for them to find a person who is ready to cooperate with others. Norton did not fit this description.

Of course, he’s still a successful actor, but any director will think twice before casting Norton these days.

05 Charlie Sheen

The Hollywood actor Charlie Sheen has a star on the Walk of Fame. a Golden Globe and a considerable filmography. But he’s famous not only for his acting skills. His personal life has also been in the spotlight for many years. He’s renowned for his wild antics parties. And the use of illegal substances in vast quantities.

Rehabilitation that was a no-go for Sheen He just escaped from a clinic. Won Sheen accidentally shot his bride in the arm. And she, of course, broke off the engagement. He often appeared on the sets drunk or with a hangover. She behaved in a completely unpredictable way and caused her lots of problems for others.

Some say that Sheen was the reason his anger management, fellow star Selma Blair fired. He didn’t like the fact that the producers pay too much attention to the actress. Only Charlie should have been in the spotlights all the time. Also, Sheen never meets his words and doesn’t acknowledge anyone’s authority.

He’s quite a weird person capable of frankly insane acts and illegal actions. Who would want to work with him?

06 Sean Young

Everyone who watched the original Blade Runner knows the Barechested Hollywood celebrity Sean young. She played Rachel. Her other well-known films included June in 1984. no way out in 1987. fatal instinct in 1993. and Ace Ventura pet detective in 1994.

However, recently, she can no longer be seen in any movies. Perhaps things just didn’t work out for her. Or maybe the reason was her behavior. Her co-star in the Boost James Woods accused the actress of harassing man his bride.

She even filed a lawsuit. However, in the end, the Hollywood actor settled the conflict without resorting to the course. Young played Vicki Vale in Tim Burton’s Batman. But during rehearsal, she broke her arm and was replaced by Kim Basinger.

However, her desire to work with Burson turned out to be stronger than common sense. Young wanted to play the role of a Catwoman. So bad that she was stalking the director and Michael Keaton. Young even made a suit. She then featured in TV series and films with small box office revenues.

She had to spend some time in rehab then took up figure skating. But no matter what Sean Young is doing today, this has little to do with the cinema.

07 Taylor Momsen

Barechested Hollywood celebrity Taylor Momsen is a vocalist of the rock bands that Pretty Reckless. But she hasn’t always been a musician, and She started with a modelling career. Taylor’s parents signed a contract with the agency when she was only two years old.

Imagine that you’re only two years old, but you already have to work. Who would want a childhood like that? Bunce Taylor had no choice. Then she tried acting. She starred in the movies how the Grinch Stole Christmas. And the sequel to Spy Kids.

Momsen was supposed to be a star in the TV series Hannah Montana. But Miley Cyrus got the role instead. In 2007 Taylor was casting Gossip Girl. While she was still working as a model, But in the end, the actress left the series and decided to focus on music.

Taylor says that music is where I can be me. Although Taylor enjoyed acting, On the screen, she had to pretend to be someone else. But mom zoom was looking for a way to express herself. In March 2009, Momsen said in an interview that her bands that Pretty Reckless had signed a contract with Interscope Records.

Their debut album released on August the 30th 2010. and it looks like Taylor hasn’t even considered returning to the cinema since then. Unlike all the other heroes of our article for today. She decided to quit her acting career to do what she loved most.

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