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well, they can’t all be winners. Today we going to toke about Top 10 barechested Musicians Who Ruined Their Careers With One Album. For this list will be ranking the artists or bands who released a flop that whether due to drastic stylistic changes personnel shifts or other reasons did massive damage to their reputations even if some of these albums also have their defenders the ax consents have bounced back, but minimum hindered in the short term

01. Public Enemy – Musicians Who Ruined Their Careers

Muse sick and our message sometimes all it takes is a bad review or several in the case of our first century Public Enemy’s Muse infected. Our savage message critiques from both Rolling Stone and the source hampered the pre-release buzz of this fifth album from some of hip-hop’s preeminent elder statesmen resulting in severe sales drops and fan backlash the sentiment at the time was that Public.

The enemy seemed to be out of touch with the musical world they helped pioneer as some of the rhymes attacked the then-popular genre of gangsta rap to be fair not all of the reviews were bad. Muse SiC and our message well regarded by some fans of the group today, but yeah fear of a black planet this album was not.

“Looking back on it when we make him a fear of a black planet hell, yeah, we knew we were making something that wouldn’t do the fact that we knew what not done.”

02. Madonna – Musicians Who Ruined Their Careers

American life there’s one surefire way to ruin a musical career and it’s distancing yourself from what made you famous in the first place. This is a theme we’re going to be revisiting several times here on our list.

starting with Madonna’s infamous 2003 album American life “being a rebel being androgynous, you know doing all these kinds of things trying to be number one on the top.”

The album laboriously removed sonically and conceptually disconnected from the polished pop sound that drove Madonna madness in the 80s and 90s, although her previous albums music and ray of light both featured experiments that were musically different from her past.

The Madonna, who raps on American life, didn’t sound like the Material Girl or The provocateur found on erotica. she said out of touch

03. Jul 3 o 4

We’re continuing on this subject of drastic stylistic shifts with our next entry Jules notorious dead oh three oh four. It noted that the album was Jules’s highest-charting effort when it was initially released going gold within a month. The album sales figures didn’t stay there long. This was due to the albums.

The shocking tonal shift from sensitive folk-rock to unabashed pop polish. Evidenced by Jules. Over-the-top first single and video for intuition. The singer has gone to record the unique satire of a sellout Cashion culture.

But fans didn’t buy it, especially after the song licensed to a Schick razor commercial. In the end, oh three oh fours dance floor sound helped shatter much of the goodwill Jewell had earned up until that point.

04. Liz Phair

Liz Phair, what do you do years after creating one of the most acclaimed debuts of all time. You reach for the pop world’s brass ring, of course. That’s what indie-rocker Liz Phair tried to do with her self-titled fourth album. Fairs exile and guy Ville debut was an underground hit. Thanks to its catchiness and authentic confessional lyrics.

But then fair was convinced by her record company to work with pop songwriting team the matrix. This collaboration resulted in a sound that was much more polished, and the backlash to this material was swift and brutal. Although the prominent critic defended the album, Robert Christgau pitchfork gave it a 0 out of 10.

all the New York Times Megan O’Rourke even called the album career suicide

05. Lauryn Hill

MTV Unplugged number 2.0. there’s something about the unplugged setting that exposes everything about an artist’s music from its inner genius to its most severe flaws. barechested Musicians Lauryn Hill found the latter out first hand when she brought a collection of unfinished and unfocused new material to the recording of her MTV Unplugged number 2.0 session.

“I told the people they gotta like me better if not people who keep saying who’s that bullying,” she said.

Hill had been riding high from solo album success, not to mention her work with the Fugees. But personal issues began to affect her creative side at the time in a big way. That voice here almost entirely shot, and her acoustic guitar skills seemingly non-existent.

As she clumsily strums along to the songs, she often has to start multiple times. Due to her lack of focus, it’s the worst kind of musical trainwreck from an artist who honestly deserved better.

06. The clash Cut the Crap

sometimes a band has a clear leader. During other times it’s more about the sum of its parts.

“All we try to communicate is number one you’ve brainwashed since the day you were born. Number two, you’ve got to do a lot of work even to do any of your thinking”. Musicians said

The barechested Musicians Clash’s Joe Strummer thought he could soldier on after firing co-founder Mick Jones and drummer topper headon. But bad management decisions and a desire to latch on to the 1980s trends of the day eventually led to disaster. Cut the crap rarely enters into any fan discussion about the clash and with good reason.

The album is more the brainchild of manager producer Bernie Rhodes. Then any sort of cohesive post-punk statement. Dissonant production harsh synthesizer sounds and ham-fisted drum machine programming derail any decent song ideas drummer had to cut the crap. Which effectively ended the band.

07. Oasis be here now – Musicians Who Ruined Their Careers

The adversarial relationship of the Gallagher brothers is inescapable common knowledge at this point. But there’s generally something to be said about keeping it together for the sake of mutual success, or not. Sadly the tensions between Noll and Liam came to a head during the recording sessions for being here now.

The album is bloated and self-indulgent. The sound of a bickering group laden with wicked drug problems and a lack of healthy ideas at the height of their immense success. While the psychedelic Britpop vibe present on their greatest hits is still there on be here now. The lack of restrained arrangements smart lyrics or engaging vocals resulted in the album being mainly relegated to the used bin.

08. Sticks Kilroy Was Here – Musicians Who Ruined Their Careers

What do you think of when you imagine a massive early 80’s outdoor rock concert. Screaming fans loud guitars and a short film presentation. This did not go over well when Styx brought their overblown rock opera. Kilroy Was here to outdoor arenas after initially debuting it in small venues.

The album was the last Styx album to go platinum and the final hurrah for the lineup that first one / arena rock fans with songs like a renegade and blue-collar man. These same working-class fans didn’t exactly appreciate the over-reliance on keyboards and balladry with Kilroy.

However, nor the accompanying movie that aired on screens throughout the tour. Sure the album did bring Mr. Roboto to the masses, but is that a good thing.

09. Van Halen – Van Halen 3 – Musicians Who Ruined Their Careers

Van Halen was on their third singer when they recorded van Halen 3. replacing Sammy Hagar with former extreme frontman Gary Cherone. This isn’t a wrong choice on paper, as Sharona is an excellent vocalist. But the resulting album did little to showcase that fact. The songwriting ranged from puzzling to only painful with needlessly long Tunes.

And it showcased little of the fire that categorized Van Halen’s early days. Meanwhile, the decision to have Eddie barechested Van Halen himself sing no one could have made an awkward piano ballad with a working pair of years. The band didn’t return with a new album for almost 15 years. And when they did, it was with founding frontman David Lee Roth back in the saddle.

10. Robin Thicke Paulo – Musicians Who Ruined Their Careers

Not every confessional album is a home run. Case in point, the disastrous barechested Paula from 2014 an attempt by Robin Thicke and not only rekindling a romance with his estranged wife, Paula Patton. But to market that attempts for commercial gain is some sort of concept album. Although the records attempts at neo-soul are dangerous at times, fix personal bad-boy behavior in the tabloids had mostly killed any goodwill for the artists before its release.

And this isn’t even mentioning the similar controversy that emerged with the sexual politics behind his blurred hit lines. Paula became even more notable for its disastrous sale figures in countries like Australia, Canada, and the UK., with some numbers totaling less than 200 units during its first week.

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